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Annotated Different Cultures Poems

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Annotated Example Title: Poetry from Different Cultures Explore the relationship between rich and poor in Nothings Changed and one other poem (Two Scavengers in a Truck ...) C+-grade Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 Sentence 2 Hit-the-mark-scheme-hard formula: Compare the two poems using a key word or phrase from the title Develop the comparison in a sentence mentioning both poems Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 Sentence 2 In both poems- "Nothing's Changed" and "Two Scavengers .." - rich and poor lead separate lives. In "Nothing's Changed" the poor are kept apart from the rich by the laws of Apartheid, whereas, by contrast, in "Two Scavengers ..." money itself keeps people apart. Compare Ideas Point- evidence- Explanation Comparison Point- Evidence- Explanation Final ( feelings) Comparison In "Nothing's Changed" the coloured and black people are poor and the whites are rich. This is presented through the contrast between the "working man's caf�" for blacks. The caf� "sells bunny chows. (cheap hot dogs) ...read more.


Really they are going in different directions (home and to work) and they live on different sides of "that small gulf in the high seas of this democracy" The poem expresses concern, but not the anger of "Nothing's Changed." Compare Attitudes The attitude of the whites is expressed in the lines, "Wipe your fingers on your jeans Spit a little on the floor It's in the bone." The justification that supporters of Apartheid offered was that separate development of blacks and whites was necessary because blacks would not appreciate white comforts; it was "in their bones" to want simpler things. The poem shows this is a lie. Even more simply in "Two Scavengers ..." while the poor watch and seem to envy the rich, the rich behave as if the poor were invisible. Compare Feelings Point- Evidence- Explanation Link language to feelings Easy language point: talk about a key word. Comparison Point- The anger of the poor is developed in "Nothing's Changed." ...read more.


Similarly, we learn nothing about the feelings of the beautiful people in "Two Scavengers." "Two Scavengers" is less emotionally intense than "Nothing's Changed>" The poet hints at feelings among the poor of envy for the rich and may also indicate a feeling of self- hatred in the poor. The scavengers are, " grungy from their route .................................... looking down like some gargoyle Quasimodo." The slightly comic tone of comparing the refuse collector in metaphor to a hideous film character- Quasimodo- highlights an unpleasant truth about the way American society strips the poor of pride. There is more pride in the anger of the poor of South Africa than America. Conclusion Both poems end on negative notes. "Nothing's Changed" ends with the poet, whose anger has been fully rekindled, calling for a bomb to "shiver down" the invisible barrier created by Apartheid that divides poor coloured from rich white. The end of "Two Scavengers" strikes a sadder note, by comparison, with the last phrase "in this democracy" questioning whether the assumptions of superiority Americans make about the fairness of their society can be justified. ...read more.

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