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2nd January 1998 Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, Los Angeles The lawyer sits with his family. The wife; the living definition of beauty, her eyes filled with love, shining like the sun; the chubby child giggling with pleasure at the napkin clasped in his sausage-like fingers, roughly caressing the crimson folds; the innocent grin on the little girls face, perfectly reflected in the countenance of its twin. Perfect. A word that many use to describe my life. Only I can feel the sense of impending doom every time I sit down with my family. ?Good day can I take your order?? droned the young spotty teenager in his high-pitched pubescent voice. ?Can we have two steaks, two kids? meals and a Jam & Cream cake?? The wife replied delicately. ...read more.


After what seem like ages the shrill voice was back ?Here?s your food, Enjoy!? ?Thank you? delicate china plates were lightly places onto our oak table on them were mountains of sauce-smothered food, nauseating food causing my stomach to do colossal cartwheels. Everyone dove in except me my eyes focused on the huge piece of cow that lay drowning in huge pools of greasy barbeque sauce, a huge layer of liquid fat flowing freely over the plate causing huge drops of fat dripping off the side of the once clean plate. The vicious aroma of the steak invaded my nostrils violently causing my head to whip back in disgust how can people eat such vile horrific things? ...read more.


I had not felt such immense peer pressure for an extensive amount of time, my eyes searched hers for freedom however her stare just intensified, feeling defeated my mouth opened producing a minuscule breach the wife forcefully shoved the over-flowing silver spoon into the opening. The first piece of food I?ve eaten in a week and the memories soon infested my mind making me remembered the horrible childhood memories of food, the bullying, the name-calling. Disgust filled my stomach causing my throat to dry up making me choke, I?m a pig! How can I eat when I?m so big? Disappointment filled me I closed my eyes and letting the feelings overwhelm me. I?m repulsive, I?m overweight and I?m hideous. Many say my life is perfect but if you really knew you you?d know that I?ve suffered with an eating disorder for 2 years now. ...read more.

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