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Another City

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Another City A holiday is always something to look forward to. And being a little child, it's wonderful to see the big world. So being a six-year-old, it obviously made me excited to be travelling abroad and especially to a city like New York. After a few hours on the plane, when we were approaching our landing, I looked out of the little window beside me to catch a glimpse of what was to be the city I will be residing in for approximately a month. Arriving at the New York City Airport, my mother's uncle had come to escort us to his home. It was my first encounter with him so I was quite unsure of how to react and what my response should be when he had tapped my head and asked me how I was. I just smiled and didn't really say anything. After collecting our suitcases and all other items of belonging, everyone climbed into the car. The drive wasn't too long. Driving up to the house, I captured a view of a blue house with wooden railings. One of the thoughts in my head was that this house was quite big considering that my mother's uncle lived alone. ...read more.


One of the main highlights of our trip to New York was the wedding. It was my mother's uncle's. He was a young man but was an uncle to my mother in relation. The groom had been dressed up in fine clothes and was prepared to accept the marriage and make his vows to his wife. I noticed that the Bengali people in New York are very different from the ones in London. They somehow seemed to have more class, style and modernism flaring from them. They were extremely dressed up for the wedding. We were whizzed off to the hall in a long white limousine. I remember how I was dressed up, or rather, how my mother had dressed me up. I wore a long pink dress and a handful bunch of my hair was tied up which made it look like I had a coconut tree standing on my head. Or a palm tree. What difference is it? I don't know, but it makes me giggle to think of the picture. On entering the hall, a frenzy of overdressed people and strong perfume had hit me. There were some young girls chattering, with their hair let down at the back. ...read more.


Then it came back to its normal pace and became lighter as we were relieved. I enjoyed my short stay in the city if New York. It's nice to reminisce over the good parts of life. As part of the holiday, all the above mentioned, I assume, were the main events which had occurred. It was about 8 to 9 years ago. It's good enough to remember that much. Roughly a year after the holiday, I came home from school and heard the shocking news that the World Trade Center has had an attack and has been completely demolished. The first thing that came to my mind was that I had just been there recently. I was thinking of all the people that had to die in such state and the fear they must have felt. Such enormous buildings had become rubble in just a matter of seconds. Out of all the buildings, it had to be such great ones as the Twin Towers. The buildings were part of the skyline of the city. But now, they're not part of it anymore. Probably nothing else can replace the World Trade Center. Writing this autobiography, thinking back to my visit to New York, I suddenly realise that what once was, no longer is. There is always something to remember about that holiday. ...read more.

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