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Another day of school, another nightmare for young, innocent Peter Jenkins.

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Original writing Another day of school, another nightmare for young, innocent Peter Jenkins. Everyday Peter would walk into school and get bombarded with verbal abuse and objects which students would pick up off the floor. The main offenders were James Hubbard, a boy which to his friends was called 'Razor' because of his hair, which was stuck up in a Mohican. The other offenders were Daniel Roberts, John Bayfield and George Thomas, a group of 15 year old boys which called themselves 'Rude boys'. Each day they would steal Peter's lunch money, beat him up and pretty much make his life a living hell. This was all going to change though, on the 15th of September 2000 when Peter finally lost it and wasn't going to stand for bullying any longer. Peter always thought about telling a teacher but he just thought this would make the problem he was in worse because he would get picked on and beat up for being, what pupils called a 'grass'. On the night of the 14th of September Peter walked home as usual along the back roads avoiding any contact with the 'rude boys'. ...read more.


Razor's face turned bright red and you could see the anger in his eyes as they bulged out. Peter didn't even break a smile though as h turned back around and headed towards his form room. Razor gathered up his gang and announced ''right, we're gonna get this kid worse than we ever have before and put him in hospital''. All Razors friends looked at each other and Daniel replied, as if speaking for them all ''Sorry Razor but your on ya own this time we don't want any part of this''. Now Razor was really angry and he stormed off to lesson fuming. Break time came and Peter made his way to the toilet. As he walked into the toilet he was confronted by no other than Razor. Peter turned around and tried to walk away but Razor slammed the toilet door shut. Razor grabbed Peter and through him into one of the cubicles. Razor then walked right up to Peter and started shouting abuse at him. Spit was flying everywhere and when Peter reached up to wipe it off his face Razor gave him a hard blow to the stomach. ...read more.


He told P.C Coppenger ''I was just acting in self defence because he came at me with a knife''. Peter could tell that the P.C Coppenger believed him by the way he was being sympathetic with him. Peter assumed that P.C Coppenger had come across Razor in the past. Just as Peter was finishing the story of how it all started he overheard one of the medics say ''Time of death four, fifty five pm''. Peter looked back at P.C Coppenger and said ''can you take me home please''. P.C Coppenger replied ''I have to take you down to the station first to get a statement from you. I'll ring your mum and explain to her what has happened''. Peter sighed and said ''ok then. I'm not going to prison am I?''. P.C Coppenger sympathetically replied ''I shouldn't think so. We'll have this all cleared up soon, don't you worry''. Six months later Peter was taken to court and was found not guilty for murdering James Hubbard. Peter was transferred to a new school were he was sent back a year because of all the work he missed due to bullying. When Peter left school he joined the Samaritans to try help other kids who have to deal with bullying just like he had to. Original Writing English Coursework Jamie Hannath 11JWT ...read more.

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