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Another Day Original Writing

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One day of teenager's life Carl Saja 11x2 Monday, twenty eighth of December. Another boring day, right between the most expected days in the year: Christmas Eve and New Year Eve. By the way my name is James. I'm an ordinary 15-year-old secondary school student. Quick look at the calendar, in looking for some special notes under that date. Few seconds later I knew - this won't be just "another boring day"; today is my birthday. So I dressed up quickly and had a look around the house: I wasn't surprised by absence of my parents, as the work from early morning till nights, and total mess around. I ate my breakfast and spoke to myself: - So nobody will tell you that today, at least I will - happy birthday dude Then, ...read more.


That was a surprise, but after great wishing we decided to go and by me some gift, as well as for the lunch in some exotic restaurant. After making our stomachs full, we finally could go shopping. As for most teenagers, that for me it was most expected part of birthday. But during the shopping, I finally understood that main point of the birthday is to spend time together, with family, unlike the other usual, boring days. We went to "Apple Store" to decide, with my dad, what shall they buy me for my birthday. - Let's look through the iPod's - my Dad said - call an assistant - ok - I said - but we don't actually need one - You're right - dad said - the choice is still yours, as ...read more.


I woke up next morning. Everything's the same, except for myself, being 16-year-old instead of 15-year-old guy. As usual, I dressed up quickly, ate my breakfast, work a little bit on my outstanding coursework. But there was something different, I thought. Then I heard a phone calling, but not mine, and then - someone speaking: - oh my god! 8 am AGAIN!? Ok, make it 3 pm, tell him I'll take the night shift Yeah, it was my dad, just cancelling his day shift at work, to probably spent more time with me. So my mom did and then, I understood another thing - relationship in the family is more important than well paid day shift, than people waiting for my parents and even than an angry boss (although my parents deserved night shift rather than day shift). That's what made me feel special. :) ...read more.

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