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Answer to New Zealand economy is New Zealand made.

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Argumentative writing Dong-Yun Kim Topic: Answer to New Zealand economy is New Zealand made. Some people prefer to buy New Zealand products than buy products from other countries because they believe it will help the growth of New Zealand economy, however, I believe buying New Zealand products does not necessarily guarantee that the country will be better off. Yes, there are some advantages of buying New Zealand products but New Zealand cannot manufacture all the products New Zealanders need and it will be very costly and time consuming to develop the technology required manufacturing the products. Above all, in the world of globalization, every consumer's economic activity has an effect on the economy of many countries. The time when buying product from certain country benefiting only that country was gone long ago. That is, for example, buying a car from US Company 'Ford' does not only benefit 'Ford' because none of their cars are purely made in USA. ...read more.


It is not easy for New Zealand to produce cheaper goods than those countries which concentrate on the labour-oriented economic system. However, it has competitive power in IT. So it is better for New Zealand to produce hi-tech products and country with a concentrated labour-oriented economic system to manufacture cheap goods. Conversely, if most products could be manufactured in New Zealand, the price of good will drop hugely. The reason why the same goods in New Zealand are much more expensive than those in other countries is because New Zealand is very far from most of the countries around the world. Despite the advance of technology in transport, it is impossible to reduce the price of fuel and this means, the more distance the goods needs to travel, the more fuel price and transportation price should be spent. But if New Zealand can manufacture most of the products, reduction in transportation fee will reflect on the price of the goods. ...read more.


So, for New Zealand to grow to be a country with strong economy, New Zealand must use what they got from God: most spectacular natural scenery and world's cleanest environment, for some New Zealand is referred to as the 'last paradise on Earth'. New Zealand should try to maximize tourism and improve dairy and farming product and advertise their outstanding quality products to the world market. In conclusion, I believe 'New Zealand economy is New Zealand made' is not a good idea. It would be better to find something New Zealand is good at and trade with other countries rather than making everything themselves. The globalization made it impossible to survive without trade and small population in New Zealand does not suit for industrialization. Despite the advantage in price of goods, New Zealand could not afford to lose their 100% pure New Zealand scheme. The advantage New Zealand has than other country is their excellent natural environment, so New Zealand must use it to make strong economy. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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