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"Antony seems totally dominated by Cleopatra, and as such loses any sympathy or respect we have for him in the play"

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"Antony seems totally dominated by Cleopatra, and as such loses any sympathy or respect we have for him in the play". Do you agree/disagree with this statement? I don't agree with this statement as Antony is proven time after time, to have a huge amount of respect from his peers. For example in the opening scene of the play, we are presented with two guards talking of "His goodly eyes......have glowed like plated Mars". This hero worship shows how powerfully Antony's reputation is respected and admired, and it is not just these two guards. The enemy in the form of Pompey recognises Antony's potential to sway the end result of the upcoming battle. He can see that if Antony were to be drawn away from Egypt to help Rome, then his hope of victory would be gone. Another example of Antony's respect is when he is dying and a number of guards stumble across him. He is lying there covered in blood and probably looking rather pathetic, and yet his reputation precedes this and he is referred to as being "the star" that has fallen. ...read more.


He is not the first man to have come under this 'spell' as we find out from Charmian that not long ago Cleopatra was in a relationship with Caesar and Charmian mocks Cleopatra for her ever changing love of men. Cleopatra, as ever is quick witted, and covers her tracks by saying that she was young, inexperienced and na�ve then, and she moves the subject on by saying that she will write so many letters and messages to Antony that she'll "unpeople Egypt". Her dominance is shown here not to be only Antony but over everybody she has contact with. This is further emphasized by a number of scenes. Firstly in Act two: scene five, a messenger enters, and tries to tell Cleopatra his news. His efforts are cut off by Cleopatra's continued interruptions and threats. She says that if he tells her antonym is dead, shell die, but if he says Antony is alive and well, then shell reward him. When speaking to her, people must be careful what they say because of her shrewdness and power, which makes her dangerous. ...read more.


Many see Antony as a perfect 'goodly' figure, whom they look up to, as said earlier in a act of hero worship. His public image and sense of duty draws him towards Rome, and to add to his respect, he goes out of his way to try to keep the peace with Caesar by marrying his sister. His private and personal life however draws him towards Egypt, "I'the East my pleasure lies". The east is where the sun rises and so it may be symbolic of this is now where the source of the light in his life comes from not only physically but also metaphorically speaking as Cleopatra is 'the light of his life'. Cleopatras dominance doesn't help me to lose respect or sympathy for Antony, but helps to add to these. Cleopatra is his downfall, and she has been the downfall of others before him. It is tragic that a lazy gaze that set his eyes upon her to begin with, was the beginning of the fall of this great figure that so many admired and who could have gone on to be the great ruler of Rome, rather than letting the rather more 'back-stabbing' Caesar do so. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anthony Eastman 12, O ...read more.

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