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AOS Essay - Journey

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Journeys entail a voyage of the human mind and body, where individuals are challenged and inspired by the world around them. Individuals seek to broaden their horizons and attain a deeper understanding of life through the course of their journey. John Foulcher's poetry "Summer Rain" conveys journeys as positive interruptions to ordinary routines. Michael Leunig's cartoon, "Let it go" provides an insight into the powerful nature of an imaginative journey, and portrays how journeys can create inspiration. Similarly, Jeffrey Archer's short story "A Change of Heart" explores how inner journeys can lead to enlightenment, inspiration and a broadminded outlook on life. Whilst the texts present different aspects of journeys, all three display the 'nature of a journey' as a learning experience through which individuals achieve a different perspective of life. Summer Rain portrays 'journeys' as diversions from routine life which rise from interruptions. The poem explores an afternoon car journey along a highway on which an accident has taken place, affecting traffic. The ordinary physical journey is interrupted by the accident causing the pace of the journey to slow down. ...read more.


Similarly, imaginative journeys also inspire individuals to explore unknown paths and broaden their minds. Leunig's "Let It Go" depicts an individual "unravelling" his imagination and "letting it free". It portrays imagination as a path upon which individuals can embark on a journey of the mind. The illustration of a path stemming from the protagonists head symbolises imagination as being a literal "path upon which to travel." It conveys that imagination gives individuals direction and guidance. Unlike Foulcher's "Summer Rain", "Let it go" is an inner journey which can be taken anytime, anywhere. The "path" the protagonist has created starts from the edge of the frame suggesting this voyage can be followed by others. By way of contrast, "Let it go" portrays how individuals' thinking can be stimulated and inspired by imaginative journeys, providing individuals with a more sophisticated outlook on life. The reader is consistently encouraged to ease their mind and "let" their thoughts flow in an unrestricted way with the repetition of "Let it" which refers to the human thought. ...read more.


Stoffel Van Den Berg's journey can be paralleled to the theme of Michael Leunig's cartoon, where he "let's go" of his mind and his prejudices and he allows himself to be consumed by the positive realities of the black community around him. This life changing event propels him on a positive journey, where he is inspired to contribute to the development of the black South African community. The cyclical structure of the story portrays the powerful nature of 'journeys' that is triggered by a life changing event, and emphasises how these journeys can often be the most inspirational. This is because the journey not only leads to a change in outlook, but also leads to individuals acting on their change in outlook. For example, Stoffel Van Den Berg would "roam the streets trying to persuade teenagers that they shouldn't form gangs or commit crime" In conclusion, Foulcher, Leunig and Archer have used the diversity of poetic, visual and narrative techniques to judiciously craft texts that convey journeys as a learning experience. Although the character of a journey differs in various contexts, the consequences are often rewarding due to the achievement of a deeper understanding of life and the world around them. ...read more.

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