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Appropriated Fairytale - Bluebeard to communist Russia.

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EXTENSION ENGLISH- APPROPRIATED FAIRYTALE: .BLUEBEARD TO COMMUNIST RUSSIA. Morning brought always a deathly chill to the streets of Moscow. Anna, youngest of the three Baranov sisters, pulled a shawl about her and hurried to catch her siblings. The government building they were to start working in today soon towered above and they entered. It was a depressive building, rank and musty and colourless. An equally dull man met them at reception and led them to their office. The office offered little respite from the fetid entrance hall. Paint was flaking from the walls, the radio squealed and typewriters ticked without rhythm, creating an aggravating symphony. Anna saw and heard this all very swiftly as she walked to meet their boss. His back was facing the girls as they entered the office. ...read more.


As they entered the main office he turned and said, "If you are loyal to the capital you will not open the door." He particularly looked to Nedana and his words contained the same hint of danger. "The day is long comrades, I will see you on the morrow." Anna turned and headed for the door when she felt a hand grip her shoulder. "Anna, you would do well to observe your sister. See that she does not offend the capital." The grip was gone and Anna walked to the door. Alexei's advise seemed to her more a threat, yet, she reflected, her eye would not soon leave Nedana. "What do you think is behind that door?" Nedana asked Anna many days later, over and again. "Are you completely foolish Nedana?" ...read more.


Nedana had been missing a week and Polina was aching. The typewriters had been cracking loudly and bored into the girls heads. Polina stood and was rather wobbly. Anna looked up and found Polina with a strange, desperate look on her face, tottering on her feet. Suddenly she charged and skidded out of the room. Sprinting, she sped through the building and crashed through the door. Anna had barely stood up when she heard booming thuds, as though cabinets were being flung. The noise had attracted the attention of the building, which realising what had occurred, sprung to action as Anna had never seen. Burly security guards were wrestling with a petrified Polina when Anna came to the door. Anna didn't see Polina after the arrest. She imagined that what she felt must have been what Polina had when Nedana disappeared. She found herself staring at the door and starting at slight or sudden movements. The sound of typewriters keys pounded her skull and made her clench her hands. ...read more.

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