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Arctic assassin

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Arctic assassin O'Neil could be a patient man, if it suited his purpose. He lay motionless in a fixed position, camouflaged from head to toe in a bleak white combat suit. His presence merely an unnoticed spot upon the arctic glacier where he lay. Couldn't be long now. O'Neil refocused his sniper rifle once more upon the Siberian bunker located far below. O'Neil was one of four SAS assassins and had been for a few years now. His job, simple, name the target he'll dispose of it. This time his objective was to eliminate the Russian agent Dimitrev as he left his chemical weapons facility deep in the Siberian outlets. Suddenly the bunker door swung open. This was it; O'Neil focused his rifle, his finger flirting with the trigger. Dimitrev walked out but he was not alone, beside him where his two fellow comrades escorting him towards the convoy located one hundred yards or so from the bunker. O'Neil took aim. Dimitrevs head was clear in the scope. O'Neil pulled the trigger. Dimitrevs head exploded in a burst of red his lifeless body collapsed to the floor. O'Neil immediately took aim upon the next victim, pulled the trigger. The third agent quickly ran towards the cover of the bunker. O'Neil focused but it was too difficult a shot to make. ...read more.


The whole front side of this victim was mutilated to the extent that only half his face was visible. O'Neil bent and examined the dog tags hanging from the neck of the soldier. It appeared his name was Vetrov; first rank soldier #216.Two parallel slashes had cut Vetrov's face open slicing from temple to throat. A pool of frozen reddish brown blood surrounded the corpse. O'Neil checked the pockets of the body for anything that may come in hand but only managed to find a small knife stashed inside a sheath. O'Neil checked his bearings on his compass, the station should not be far now, but the artic fog had started to cloud the way and he could only see a few feet ahead of him. He kept his pistol at the ready at all times after seeing the remains of Vetrov. Suddenly he heard the sound of heavy footprints crunching down on the snow just above him. The enemy. The enemy was there, no more than a few metres away. O'Neil raised his pistol and cautiously stepped closer and closer towards the sound. There was about a two-foot radius around O'Neil of visibility and there was still nothing to be seen. Then suddenly two arms wrapped around O'Neil's neck completely constricting his air supply. He thrust a quick elbow into the attackers waist and they fell to the floor. ...read more.


Iceicles of blood and sweat hung from them giving them a surreal appearance. "What kind of a monster could have done this? " he said to himself. There came a groaning noise deeper within the basement, shadows where being cast around from the torchlight. O'Neil scrambled for the stairs, kicked open the door at the top and sat with his back to it trying to catch his breathe. On the other side of the door he could hear something trying to climb the stairs slowly, without hesitation O'Neil pulled out the plastic explosive devise that he was supposed to use on the chemical weapons facility and stuck it firmly on the wall next to him. Quickly he fumbled with the certain attachments and connected them all, the thing still climbing the stairs. There finished, all he had to do now was to press the detonator button. O'Neil scrambled to his feet and ran outside, the freezing night wind and cutting snow attacking him from all directions. He dived behind a giant jagged rock sticking out of the ground and pressed the button. The horizon glowed orange and he could feel heat as if from an immense fire. After about a minute O'Neil got up from behind the rock and approached the black crater, which he presumed, was the remains of the station. The ice in front of him glistened with a slick wet gleam due to the heat of the explosion. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Aldridge 10 Gordon ...read more.

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