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Are we obsessed with Celebrities in today(TM)s society?

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Are we obsessed with Celebrities in today's society? "Dot, have you seen Stacey around?" Eastenders "I'm really enjoying it here in LA, but England will always be the best" David Beckham "I've kissed a lot of frogs, on my holidays" Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud) What is there left to watch? Celebrities? Haven't we got our own personal lives? Celebrities on the telly, in magazines, on the internet, even in schools girls, gossiping about "hot" celebs or their dress sense. They're even writing biographies and a large number of us go ahead and buy these biographies, because we're so interested in other people's lives. When out shopping, where ever you look there are posters of celebrities advertising objects of daily use. Aren't we too obsessed with celebrities in today's society? Six people, out of a family of eight, living in High Wycombe would prefer to watch a programme on Tom Cruises love life rather than read a book, about "How technology has improved through time?" ...read more.


However, entertainment is designed to give pleasure and enjoyment to an audience, entertainment such as: concerts; radio; operas; films; new media; novels; theatre; sports. Entertainment is a part of life, which most of us extremely enjoy as they include celebrities. Without these aspects we would actually find ourselves purely bored, when we're not occupied to something. It is only when the obsession gets out of hand! Celebrity Worship Syndrome is a newly identified psychological condition. A typical sufferer is a person who is obsessed with a person in the public eye. This condition is sometimes referred to "Celebrity Obsession Syndrome" or "Mad icon disease" .In 2002, it was shockingly gathered that there are 781 males and 942 females who suffer from this disease in UK .These people watch all appearances of this celebrity and even start to religiously worship them. They buy things which this celebrity has touched, a piece of clothing they have worn, even if it costs a fortune. ...read more.


It is our decision to choose the decent magazines or TV programmes so we can't not blame celebrities on this aspect. Not only the younger society, but the older society, also suppose celebrities as perfect, the way they live, their hairstyles, their skin we don't assume but celebrities themselves, have many difficulties to doubt with, socially and personally. We think, when we see these people on TV, they must have such any easy life. They have magnificent houses, they get whatever they want whenever they want. As no one can ever be perfect you have to just enjoy your life, the way you want it, in any circumstances. Although, celebrities are harmless, it's just that, we people who are not famous overreact about things. We conduct things, which later on turns out to be a bit over the top, actually not realising it. In conclusion, people are obsessed with celebrities in today's society. It's mainly, not the celebrities fault they are just trying to give us a bit of entertainment and we take it out of hand ourselves. As a fact then, we are obsessed with celebrities; everything just needs to stay in the limits. ...read more.

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