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Are you William Shakespeare? I asked hesitantly.

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WISH IT WAS TRUE. A pigeon flapped her wings and clung on the grill of the windows in my room with her claws. It held a paper in its beak. I had often heard of pigeons carrying letters but had not seen one until that day. As I stood staring in surprise, it opened its mouth and the paper glided and came to rest on the ledge protruding on the other side of the window. I picked up the paper through the space between the two bars of the grill and read the letter which said: ?this is William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon. ...read more.


He looked quite different from Shakespeare whose pictures I had seen in books. ?Are you William Shakespeare?? I asked hesitantly. He smiled at me and said ?yes indeed I am Shakespeare?. I was speechless. But how could I stay dumb?..? I gathered some courage and asked him ?why did you choose me?? ?I came to know that you had a long desire to talk with me. Hence I decided to give you a surprise. If you don?t mind can we sit and talk?? SHAKESPEARE asking me if I did not mind? ...read more.


He told me about some of his famous poems, he told that his favorite color was blue. Cats were his favorite animals, he loved pizzas, his favorite actors were Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise??.. It means that he had read one of my slams?.!!!! He smiled and smiled and smiled?..but just then his expressions changed into angry looks!!! ?What happened?? I murmured. ?Its already six thirty, Sat you will get late for school!!? I came into consciousness and saw my mom standing near my bed, with her hands on her waist and staring at me in rage. ?WHAT A DREAM!!??.. i mumbled?.?I wish it was true!? ...read more.

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