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Argue for/against Social Networking

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Social networking is detrimental to modern society.. When sat down by a man, let us call him 'Vincent' for now, and asked to contemplate an understanding of modern society how does one react? Obviously 'Vincent' is looking upon you for a conclusive answer to this, after all, his rather stern look on his wrinkle free, cosmetically moisturised, face, nestled above a 'Skinny-Fit' tight black suit worn on his gym harassed body, is expecting an answer. However, just as you begin to start an 'umm..' filled explanation of your personal interpretation to the very meaning of modern society he stops you; reaching into his pocket to silence his buzzing iPhone. "Sorry about that, just had a new friend request on Facebook, you know how it is''. A response that immediately makes you realize that in fact your flawed theory of modern society is not as you first thought, but is rather sitting across the table from you in Starbucks (one of the select with free wi-fi, of course). ...read more.


Speaking of values: our friend 'Vincent' happens to be a combined banking-marketing-sales extraordinaire, knowledgeable of course on all products, on the money that we all value so dearly and without a doubt the economy. It is therefore an inarguably brilliant idea to approach him for his opinion on social networking, for us na�ve members of society have nothing to lose and all to gain in terms of knowledge on our own day to day living conditions. Now it is our turn to ask the question, but this is no feat for 'Vincent' to overcome. This brilliantly presented metrosexual man has his answer already prepared, after all, he knows. 'Social media is simply the greatest benefit we have made available to us' - the first golden nugget of information we learn. Grasping onto each and every word we have little choice but to beg for an expansion on this idea, wishing not to be kept in the dark about his views. ...read more.


Socially we are all so much closer, universal, able to talk so fluently to one another over text, so flawlessly typed. Nowadays overcoming the boundaries of not seeing the other reciprocates emotions are simple, why one just incorporates a ':D' to show joy, or a stigmatic '-.-'. The need for face to face social interaction is less than ever, something we as society naturally embrace, for interaction takes time, and our capitalist motto of 'time is money' could never be truer. You get the point. Social networking's effect on our lives has been as great as the tone of menace from the strong, metaphorically feminist, business like woman sitting to our right, disgraced at the use of 'man-kind' and my creation of a 'man' for the wider metaphor rather than a unisex character named 'Sam'. Daily we offload information private to us without whole knowledgeable consent, daily we allow for our face to face interactions to be interrupted. These issues themselves are detrimental, but detrimental to modern society? How can something be detrimental to society if it is society? ...read more.

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