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Arguing against the Death penalty.

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Should Linda Carty be murdered? In 2002, Linda Carty was sentenced to death for the abduction and murder of Joana Rodriguez and the abduction of her four day old son. She has spent the past eight years on death row and throughout this time she still claims that she is innocent and was framed for the murder by the three men who actually killed her. Carty's execution could take place within the next couple of months but should she really be allowed to die for something she may not have done? Her case has brought controversy about whether the death penalty should still exist, so should it? In 2008, at least 2,390 people were killed by the death penalty. Some of those people could have been innocent. One example is Cameron Todd Willingham. In 2004, he was found guilty of burning his house down killing his three children. He was in fact innocent and in the days leading up to his case evidence was found which showed that the main evidence against him was not valid. ...read more.


Sam D. Millsap, a former district attorney in Texas said, "It is an irrevocable wrong to put a man to death when a cloud of uncertainty and misconduct looms overhead." I agree with him, as I think we all should, because some people who are sentenced to death do not receive fair trials and evidence proving their innocence can be ignored. Linda Carty did not receive a fair trial because she had to use a lawyer that had already 20 people on death row. He also did not put up a good defense and failed to contact two people that could have proven her innocence. The death penalty in America is used more on those people who are poor, uneducated, black and have offended against someone who is white. It is not that poor, black, uneducated people commit crime more; it is due to the fact that if they are convicted of killing someone then they will more often than not get sentenced to death, whilst a wealthy, educated, white person is more likely to get off. ...read more.


His lawyer Mr. Sweeney said, "He was trying to help them but it was incredibly painful to the point where he broke down and cried and was totally beaten down." As if that was not enough, he had to go through it all again seven days after. How would you like to know that tomorrow at 11.30 a.m. you will die by lethal injection? Would you not be terrified, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds you have left in your life? How would you feel knowing you will never see your family again and spending your time left stuck in a cell all by yourself? Thousands of people every year have these emotions running through their heads and instead of this happening, the death penalty should be abolished and lifelong imprisonment should be used instead. Linda Carty was wrongly accused of getting three men to kill Joana Rodriguez and in a couple of month's time, these same emotions could be running through her head. Would you like it to happen to you? Do the right thing and stop Linda Carty from being killed for something she did not do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Clare McKeogh ...read more.

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Response to the question

The candidate has approached the topic well, and there is a clear structure to her/his arguments. S/he has argued against the death penalty effectively, although perhaps s/he could have included more of his/her opponents’ arguments, even if only to criticise ...

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Response to the question

The candidate has approached the topic well, and there is a clear structure to her/his arguments. S/he has argued against the death penalty effectively, although perhaps s/he could have included more of his/her opponents’ arguments, even if only to criticise them; at present, her argument seems a little bit one-sided. The candidate also has only discussed the use of the death penalty in the USA – perhaps s/he could also have included its use in other countries, such as Russia, China etc. This could have been a great opportunity for further discussion, although if you are constrained by a word limit, it is better to set out the remits of your essay clearly in the title, i.e. “Arguing against the Death Penalty in the USA”.

Level of analysis

The candidate has approached this topic from a number of different perspectives – legal arguments, humanistic arguments as well as offering a Christian perspective. This is very effective and gives an impression of the variety of types of people who oppose the death penalty. S/he has also put various rhetorical devices to use effectively: rhetorical questions, examples from current affairs, emotive language, use of statistics, quotations from those involved etc. The use of recent examples, such as Linda Carty, Cameron Todd Willingham etc, to support his/her arguments is done very well and fits in nicely with the other arguments presented. Whilst the candidate could have included more of the other side to the his/her argument s/he has argued the case against the death penalty effectively.

Quality of writing

This essay is very well written and flows well, and the candidate shows a good command of spelling and grammar.

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Reviewed by medbh4805 19/02/2012

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