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argumentative essay

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Write an article for a children's magazine (primary school) where you argue for or against the banning of sweets and fizzy drinks. Can you remember the last time you had a sweet? Two minutes ago, right? Surely the last time you had a sweet wasn't because you worked hard for it, or because you were on your bestest behaviour that your mum decided to treat you. In fact, you're probably having something sugary as your reading this; what is it this time: A Sherbet? A Skittle? Or a plan and simple, sugar filled frothy fizzy drink. If you're not drinking it now, the last time you probably drank it was to ease the chicken and chips going down your throat for lunch. It's more attractive than the healthy stuff. It's cheaper than the healthy stuff. ...read more.


I once knew a boy who had no front teeth! Well that's what it looked like anyway. He drank so many Coca Colas that his teeth started looking like glass. Not only did he get laughed at but he wasn't allowed sweets for the rest of his life. I don't know bout you, but I definitely think sweets are not worth that, even if they taste unbelievably scrumscious. While your mouth bathes in the sweet syrupy substances, it's sometimes easy to forget where you left the wrapper. Nearly everyone throws it's in the bin. But the minority don't dispose of it as sensibly. This is a health hazard. Imagine slipping on a slick silk like chocolate wrapper and cutting yourself on an open tin can, all because a one child didn't throw his rubbish away. ...read more.


And the main reason why you're up during the night is because you drank to much caffeine during the day. And the main reason why you drink caffeine is because it's in fizzy drinks; and fizzy drinks are addictive. I know this seems like just another article telling you that sweets are bad and that you should stay away from them. You probably get enough of that from your parents, teachers and dentists. But it's true. They damage your health, create hazards and in all stop you from reaching your full potential in life. And besides, there are only so many pounds the tooth fairy has. I don't think she can afford to pay you everyday for every tooth that will eventually fall out if you carry on consuming candy. Ban the sweets and fizzy drinks: Ban the damage, hazards and create yourself a better future. Hajera Rahman 11EN1 ...read more.

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