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Argumentative Essay By Oliver Green

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Argumentative Essay Over the last few years there have been massive debates and arguments about whether or not there should be a limit on immigration to the U.K. Before you can make up your mind you should consider opinions on both sides of the argument. It is very difficult to make a choice that will keep both sides happy, and it is very difficult to make a choice for or against. Politicians and the public have views on why there should be a limit on immigration to the U.K. What are they? There are a number of key issues to think about, for example over population. There have been estimates that by the year 2081 the U.K may have a population of over 108 million people. ...read more.


Some people may say illegal immigrants are bad for the society as they cause trouble and cost the government money. For example, the government spends money on resources to find and cut down the number of Illegal immigrants entering the country i.e. tracking them down through the police force. Asylum seekers are a sad case as many of them have fled countries where the violence and pain has personally affected them, but there is a popular misconception that there are too many of them. We should allow a minority in but again the numbers let in must count towards the limitation on immigration. If there was a limit on immigration to the U.K the government would have more money to spend on the resources that need money spent on them and it would have positive effects on the community, i.e. ...read more.


You may meet a variety of people from different countries and cultures; whether you work in an office or go to school. Meeting people of different ethnic backgrounds is important as you will learn to understand their culture and it may also help you to learn the language should you so choose to. I feel you would not get this opportunity in a school unless you are an inhabitant of a big city or town. My conclusion to this argument is that the U.K should have an annual limitation on immigration. My final decision has been a difficult choice but I think I have come to a fair and balanced conclusion to the argument presented to me. An annual limitation will keep both sides happy as it will stop the country becoming overpopulated but will allow a fair amount of immigrants into the country. This will result in an overall better economy. Oliver Green 10EZ ...read more.

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