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Argumentative Essay

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Coursework The Indo-Us nuclear deal was just passed on the 28 September 2008. There was a lot of controversy in the country on whether this deal would benefit India. However the main argument against this was lost in the midst of the political battles being played out by different political groups. Although the increase in capacity for nuclear energy was the main reason for this deal the question, Is nuclear technology really the way to go after our fossil fuels are depleted, was never properly discussed. I believe that nuclear energy as a source to generate power is not the solution rather another problem which the world will pay heavily for if action isn't taken soon. Firstly nuclear energy is not renewable, which many people say it is. The fuel for a nuclear power plant consists of hollow rods containing pellets of fissionable material (uranium oxide enriched in U-235.) After around 18 months the rods have too little fissionable material to allow the reactor to continue to run at full power. ...read more.


Sellafield and Three Mile Island have seen similar affects with a rise in children with leukaemia and lymphoma. Scientists have said that it is only a matter of time before another accident like Chernobyl happens as 100% safety can't be guaranteed. Even with all the health related issues put aside, the waste produced from the plants is highly toxic and radiating. This waste is not biodegradable and therefore has to be dumped in areas without civilization which is not practical as many country and cities are suffering from over-crowding. People feel that it is a clean form of energy as it doesn't emit CO2 however the radiation is no better, actually it is much worse as it affects us directly. In the time of this economic crisis it is strange to think that people are willing to produce nuclear energy with its immense financial costs. Each power plant costing $2 billion and production being 50% more expensive than putting coal-fired power plants, Government subsidies have helped. ...read more.


These estimates of 0.3 millirem of radiation has been proven wrong time and time again. The legally permitted amount of radiation power plants are allowed to emit is 170 millirems per year and this is when the plant is in 'normal' working condition, if anything is done to make it abnormal the amount of radiation the facility is allowed to release is increased and unrestricted. Thus it is clear that nuclear energy is not a sustainable or environmentally friendly source of power. The misconceptions of it being a renewable and safe form of energy are what has allowed it to even cross our minds. The financial toll it will have on the world will be immense and taking into account the high chance of another accident occurring, people should think twice about welcoming the thought of nuclear energy as the replacement for fossil fuels. I feel that if we are to live on this planet we must take action against the advancement of this form of energy before we will pay for the health, social, environmental and economical consequences that this technology brings with it. ...read more.

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