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Argumentative Writing - Are we too dependent on computers?

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Computers are now the essense of the lives of modern day generation. There are so many reasons to why we would be so absorbed in the functions of computers. Isn't it unbelievable that almost forty years ago there were many people who had never seen a computer before? In the present century, there are computers at almost every corner in the world. There are computers at malls and offices, almost every house in this city (Hong Kong, China). If it is not a personal computer, it is a video game system or a laptop computer. There are even cell phones with the capabilities of a computer! A computer program can perform almost any task that requires a speck of brain power. For example, executing informative information or data, handling data, and operating file systems or production factors (especially flow and automative production in the business industry). Computers enable us to work faster than ever, more efficiently and do jobs that previously must be done by employing people to do. ...read more.


Due to the language used, this poll was most likkely conducted by the younger generation - teenagers, if not young adults. Due to the time gap between 2009 and 2004 - the year the poll was conducted, I would proudly pressume that there would be an increase in the number of voters voting that they are addicted to the computer whether it is for work or entertainment purposes. While others indulge themselves in entertainment or school work purposes, adults or the older generation would use the computer for conducting business objectives (research, conducting a plan etc.), organizing data files or even to interact with the society. If the technology sector of an organisation, no matter if the industry is medical, business, media or education, fails, the entire sector would be frozen to a stand-still until the system recovers. The scare of an enormous computer crash in 1999 as a result of the year changing to 2000 should be evidence that most people who use computers and most businesses do not have enough independence from computers. ...read more.


The media is full of stories of romantic possibilities of the Internet and again the younger generation have not been slow in exploiting its potential. We ask ourselves, do we really need this? Is this truly helpful to us as fellow human beings? We know that despite its' wonderous ability the World Wide Web can do, it may have pitfalls for the unwary; we also know that computers can be the new factor to create a better safer environment reducing the use of trees for paper on essay writing or letters. In conclusion after the above discussion, I conclude that, yes, the new generation is too dependent on computers. Not only because there are more evidence to my opinion than it helps the environment, but it is because this is becoming a general fact in society that we have depended on technology for over a century and most are still debating whether we, human beings, are conducting the right actions for our environment after light-bulbs, fossil fuels, and plastic. Would we be creating more havoc by depending on technology even further? Argumentative Writing Are We Too Dependent On Computers? ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

This essay is an attempt to discuss the topic and makes some valid points but it relies too much on unsupported "evidence" and broad statements, such as "most people spend at least 48% of their time on a screen".

Sentence construction is frequently loose, causing the reader some confusion in following the argument, and grammatical mistakes, such as subject-verb agreements, are common.

3 stars

Marked by teacher Jeff Taylor 20/05/2013

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