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Arguments for and against Animal testing. I disagree with K. Archibalds opinion of banning animal testing because every day, many people are saved from diseases and death because of great medical treatments and drugs we have.

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Animal testing I feel greatly pleased that I am going to free my mind about a topic, which always gets a lot of attention by most people: should we test pharmaceuticals on humans, not animals? However, I feel quite unqualified to write about this because some of us worry about animals, people and most of us are thankful for the benefits of recent medicines and look forward to new ways of expanding and developing our life. This makes animal research a complicated matter. The article above is by Kathy Archibald, who is the director of Europeans of Medical Progress, an independent organisation of scientists whose concern is patient safety. In his article, he suggested that animals are no longer needed in medical research because nobody benefits from animal testing as they failed to prevent further disasters for most diseases. According to David Graham, "associate director of the US Food and Drug Administration's Office of Drug Safety, an estimated 88,000 to 139,000 Americans alone had heart attacks or strokes as a result of taking Vioxx". ...read more.


This number is increasing, as more researches are required to treat diseases. Other animals used in labs are insects such as fruit flies and worms and they are used in very large numbers. The majority of animals in laboratories are used for genetic manipulation, surgical intervention or injection of foreign substances. Animal experiments are strongly controlled in the UK. Every scientist must hold a Home Office Licence to test drugs on animals. Every scientific project is reviewed by a vet; an ethics committee and finally the Home Office which may take several months before any experimentation starts to take place. While I was doing my research, I discovered that an animal experimenting was common in the UK. It was the key to the development of the field of human medicine. Here is a list of the average number of operations performed in the UK in a year: � 3,000,000 operations under general anaesthetic � 90,000 cataract operations � 60,000 joint replacements � 13,000 coronary bypasses � 10,000 pacemakers implanted ...read more.


I think this is the reason why many American people died of having a heart attack or strokes because of taking Vioxx. There is no doubt that animal tests cannot foresee with complete conviction what will occur in humans, nor are they expected to. Animal researches allow researchers to obtain as close as possible to the situation in humans before testing an experimental medicine in human. Those against the use of animal testing claim that it is inhumane to use animals in experiments. I disagree completely. It would be much more inhumane to test new drugs on children or adults. Even if it were possible, it would also take much longer to see potential effects, because of the length of time we live compared to laboratory animals such as rats or rabbits. Animal experimentation raises big questions and provides no simple answers. After much consideration, my own personal position can be summarised by saying that some experiments are clearly justified, whilst others are clearly not. This leaves a significant section where I am still not sure. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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