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" Ariel is a mischievous sprit, but is rather that one character that holds the Tempest together" discuss the importance of the character Ariel in the play.

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Sean Jones English Coursework The Tempest Essay Ariel is an airy spirit in 'The Tempest'. Who Yearns for freedom and provides a somewhat atmospheric presence to the play. I am going to look at the way she adjusts her persona to different characters and the effect she has on those characters. Looking at the different areas of the play she is involved I will pick out certain things of significance and elaborate on them. The Structure of the play is almost dependent on Ariel. It begins as one solid story, the disaster, and then it splits and disperses into three separate play genres; Love; comedy; and revenge. Ariel is the glue that holds these three together. She ties them together, making the story easier to follow. In the end she unites all characters to reveal one solid play. Think a diamond shape when thinking of the tempests' structure. Also the ending of the play would not be as effective. She gives the play closure, she is the one who, conveniently, resurrects the Tempest, and returns everything to normal. Also her Liberty at the end helps with that closure and provides a sense of relief for the audience. Shakespeare has ignited such a character as a useful ingredient he can use in other plays. If you take, for example, the character 'PUK' from 'a midsummer night's dream'; Puck is like Ariel in many ways, in that a fairy with similar characteristics. ...read more.


Ariel exits and later in the Scene returns 'Fine apparition, my quaint Ariel, Harken thine ear.'(1ii lines 316-317) Prospero has now cooled off and talks to Ariel with the respect she deserves. He whispers into her ear a secret command. The to me symbolises a growing band of friendship between the two. And, as we don't know what Prospero whispered, we take more interest in Ariel, to find out what it is. Ariel exits and returns later in the act (lines 375-404) with two songs. This a communication medium for her, and a powerful one, it is hypnotic, and draws Ferdinand to the island. Music seems to be a substitute for her visibility. The first song is celebrating the calming of the Tempest, the verse. ' Kissed, the waves whist' is an invitation to dance in the sands. Her second song is directly addressed to Ferdinand. Comforting him after his father's death. This particular line stands out 'A sea change/into something rich and strange' She is reassuring the grieving son, and telling him not to think his father as dead, but undergone a wonderful transformation after death. At the end of this act she reassures Prospero that the secret task has been done to 'th'sylable' and is promised freedom in return for these services. Ariel now takes a back seat up until Act 3. Where her mischievous side which I hinted upon earlier is shone out in a comic way. ...read more.


This will give he upper-class more of the reason to stay and watch the play and mix with yobs, as it gives them something to reach out to, a sort of 'ha ha I know what that means and you don't' sort of thing. When casting a spell Ariel speaks I rhyme to divide the magical element from her usual speech. This gives the pay that magical effect, and creates a beat, which subconsciously will lift the audience. Repetition of the words 'Hark' and ' Bow- wow' make them stand out. And the echoing of these words creates an atmospheric feeling. Ariel is overall I this play, a character who signifies Freedom. Although this is restricted throughout the play, it causes hostility that is always there, up and down throughout. This hostile element makes for a better ending. I that Ariel's Liberty, gives the audience a sigh of relief, and leaves them with a warm feeling inside. Without her paranormal presence and rhyming ways the play would be flat and uninteresting. Without a character like Ariel I such a play. Who cements and provides a pillar for all three story lines. The walls that build the play would crumble, crash down, and crush the sustained interest of the audience. Shakespeare has proved himself once again to be a genius in play writing; like we never knew that already. It is very rare that a writer can conjure up such a play that appeals to such a wide variety of people. There is something for everyone. ...read more.

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