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Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories are antiquated with nothing to offer a modern day reader.

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Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories are antiquated with nothing to offer a modern day reader. Arthur Conan Doyle's distinctive and unique writing style lead to great success beginning in the nineteenth century when he created the original characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. His ingenious stories have had such a major impact on society that they are still significant today. Sherlock Holmes is a difficult character to avoid as he is talked about constantly in the media. Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into over fifty different worldwide languages and have become very popular nationally and internationally. These stories are all set in the late nineteenth century in Victorian London where reality consisted of Crime, filth and vast amounts of poverty. The population, overcrowded with prostitutes, beggars and rogues causing problems. Rubbish painted the streets and soot covered each surface. Victorian London was a dreary place and Doyle's stories were based on reality. This is why everyone found they could relate to them. ...read more.


"Cat like whine" is also very atmospheric. "The man with the twisted lip" also uses fantastic adjectives to help create atmosphere such as "Bile shot eyes" which creates a horror movie like atmosphere. Suspense also plays a major part in the success of Doyle's stories. I think that Doyle builds up suspense by using clues to solve the mystery but not letting the reader know until the end. "The speckled Band" builds up suspense slowly. Near the beginning the sister died two weeks after she got engaged this gives an idea for a motive has been established. We can then deduce the reason on page 177. On page 177 the motive is identified about the annual allowance. Then again on page 186 the motive is reinforced because Holmes goes to get a copy of the will. When the lady's sister died she mentioned the line "it was the speckled band" This makes us wonder throughout the story, what is the speckled band? The video of "The speckled Band" also showed a scene where the clock moved hour-by-hour implying the time was going extremely slowly building up suspense. ...read more.


" Twice he was walking, and once he ran swiftly so that the soles are deeply marked, and the heels hardly visible. That bears out his story. He ran when he saw his father on the ground". Just by commonsensical observation he managed to deduce this. On page 94 he knows what he is looking for when he specifies the exact description of the murderer. "Is a tall man, left handed, limps with the right leg...". This makes the reader wonder all along, how does Holmes know this? The case is slowly unravelled and the clues all return and fit into the sequence. On the other hand Holmes' methods of observation are still relevant today however more scientific evidence and backups are needed. But Holmes uses logic as we do today and he can be quite scientific. This keeps the reader interested. The use of language creates atmosphere and contributes to the popularity of these books. Weather in each of these stories is rather stereotypical but effective as it helps create atmosphere. ...read more.

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