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Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories were written over a hundred years ago. They are antiquated and out dated and have nothing to offer a modern day reader. Discuss.

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Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories were written over a hundred years ago. They are antiquated and out dated and have nothing to offer a modern day reader. Discuss. One hundred years ago the lifestyle in England was very different. Queen Victoria was in power, the quality of living was at a lower standard, and the technology was not as updated, compared to today's modern world. Crime was rife in this period, with thieves and pickpockets everywhere. The police force weren't much help either. They were considered corrupt and unsuccessful in their investigations. This gave them a bad reputation, and made them unpopular with the local public. This helped to make crime as high as it was, and it also made people feel unsafe. The citizens within the community wanted somebody who could solve the toughest crimes, and somebody who wasn't riddles with corruption. Sherlock Holmes matched this criterion perfectly. That is why Arthur Conan Doyle's creation of the Sherlock Holmes stories were tremendously admired back then. The book itself was designed for an audience of that time period, and because certain things have changed, for example literature, there will be definite difficulties presented to us in the text. For one, the sentence structure used in the stories was very peculiar, because in quite a few occasions there were uses of extremely long, descriptive sentences that went on for over 3 lines. This is very strange because modern day writes tend to lengthen their sentences up to, maximum, two lines. ...read more.


Realism is, in addition, used to convey reality, and make the story more exciting. One way realism is used is by using dates (for example when Watson and Holmes refer to different cases that happened at a certain date). These dates relate to the time when the books were wrote, and because of this may not interest a modern day reader. Another source of realism is the actual description and background of the characters. Although few may appear slightly strange in their disposition, many seem ordinary in their appearance (although their mental state did change that somewhat), and make the stories practical and down to Earth. This would want to make the reader read on, because he or she would know that they are not making things up. The only problem here is that because the story was written in the 19th century, elements of the story, including the realism, were made to fit this time period. This would make it difficult for the modern day reader to relate itself to the stories, and to have interest in the story. It was always lose some of its realism, because the modern day reader would not expect some of the things that were written to actually be true, or they may not understand some of the terms used for certain objects. This may make the stories out-dated and uninteresting for some readers. There are various techniques used in this story, and there is no doubt that they worked exceedingly well in the time that they were written, but the question is do they still work today? ...read more.


Detectives in the past didn't have any technology to solve crime, so they had to rely on two main concepts: The brain power and the will power. In the time many considered that the police force were failing because they didn't have either. Sherlock Holmes used both to solve his crimes, and he always prevailed, excluding "A Scandal in Bohemia". These factors may have an impact on today's reader, because as people are becoming consumed with the usage of modern technology, I believe that many people would adore somebody who does not need such equipment; only his brain. In conclusion, to the question "Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories were written over a hundred years ago. They are antiquated and out dated and have nothing to offer a modern day reader." I think that for some aspects of the story it is true, but for some aspects it isn't true. The stereotypes that are used in the stories have changed as time has gone by so the same effect cannot be created, and also because of the lack of technology a modern day reader may not be interested. Despite of all this, many still believe, including myself, that the Sherlock Holmes stories can still be relevant to a modern day audience. The techniques that are really the foundations of the techniques that are used in today's detective stories, arguably even better. One thing that many people ask to themselves is" would a modern Sherlock Holmes story be better than the original one?" My answer to that: No. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jason Prasad ...read more.

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