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Arthur Miller Biography

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Andy Zhang Mrs. Johnson English 11 Honors 19 October 2009 Arthur Miller was an American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and essayist. Miller was born on October 17, 1915 in New York City, New York. He experienced his first play at Schubert Theatre in 1923 when he was eight years old. His father, was a Jewish immigrant who arrived from Poland and his mother was a native to New York City. Miller's writings mostly target the average working class, families, and the moral issues theses families face. When Miller was a student in high school, he was not the brightest individual. Instead of studying, he would have much rather played football or baseball or he would have read adventure stories. His father at this time was a women's clothing manufacturer and his mother was a school teacher. ...read more.


Miller decided to try again, even after this horrible and discouraging failure. The next play he wrote was in 19 47 and it was called All My Sons. Unlike The Man who had all the Luck, the book was highly successful. It was about a was about a factory owner who sells faulty aircraft parts during World War II and It won the New York Drama Critics Circle award and two Tony Awards. It appealed to the people of the US, who have just undergone a depression and a world war. This was only the first of his three most successful plays and it started gaining Miller some fame. The next play he wrote, and also the most successful, was Death of a Salesman. The play is about a middle class, white American named Willy Loman. ...read more.


It led to many people being accused. This parallels The Crucible, because during the Salem Witch Trials, many residents of Salem were being accused. In 1956, Arthur Miller was called before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Miller's left wing political views and his play, The Crucible were major factors in this event. He was asked to give the names of the guilty. Miller responded with, "My conscience will not permit me to use the name of another person and bring trouble to him". He was held in contempt, but this conviction was soon over ruled. Arthur Miller is most known for being a playwright. His writings about the current issues of America shown in The Crucible and All My Sons, the struggle and plight of the middle class shown in Death of a Salesman, and morality shown in all three of his major plays make him an asset to American literature, and he will be remembered even after his death in 2005. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zhang 1 ...read more.

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