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Arthur Miller gave Eddie an 'Instinctive Need'.

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Arthur Miller gave Eddie an 'Instinctive Need' Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915. His father was a ladies-wear manufacturer and shopkeeper. He didn't show any signs being at intellectual and after graduating high school he went to work in an automobile parts warehouse to earn money for college. After reading Dostoevsky's novel 'The Brothers Karamazov' Miller decided he wanted to become a writer. He enrolled at the University of Michigan to study English, where he won three awards for playwriting. His first play 'The Man Who Had All the Luck' was staged in 1944. It closed after four performances. He wrote 3 plays thereafter but in 1949 he won international success with his play 'Death of a Salesman'. It has become one of the major achievements of Modern America theatre. In 1955 he wrote two short plays under the collective title 'A View from The Bridge'. The play is about incestuous love, jealousy and betrayal. Eddie is the hero in this play. His death epitomizes his absolute refusal to admit his love for Catherine. He won't let himself acknowledge his incestuous feelings and it is this refusal that brings about his untimely death. ...read more.


Eddie continues to use the idea that Rodolfo is homosexual throughout the play and this is his way of trying to convince everyone that he should leave. He isn't thinking reasonably, solely on his need for Catherine, he just wants Marco and Rodolfo out of his house; moreover he wants them out of his life. During a conversation with Alfieri Eddie talks about reporting Marco and Rodolfo, a telephone box on the other side of the stage begins glowing blue. This represents the Italian community and the respect he will lose if people find out that it was Eddie who reported Marco and Rodolfo. The glow also represents a sub-conscious idea in Eddie's mind of reporting the brothers to immigration. Eventually Eddie reports Marco and Rodolfo to the Immigration Bureau. He is so blinded by his 'need' for Catherine he doesn't think about the consequences. He is empty and only thinks of Catherine during this part of the play, his 'eyes were like tunnels'. His instinct and need for Catherine have taken over. His last words before he contacts the Immigration Bureau are '(Angering) didn't you hear what I told you?' ...read more.


Even at the end of the play, Rodolfo offered Eddie his hand showing an apology but Eddie '(snaps it away)'. He doesn't want to listen to reason, which is something he vitally needed to do to avoid his end. Eddie was living in a society that didn't allow expression and the situation he was in doesn't allow for instinct alone. Alfieri said at beginning and at the end of the play 'if it is better to settle for half, then it must be'. This is something he should have said to Eddie because Eddie wanted Catherine and he wanted everything his own way. He was fed up with the Italians and himself not getting everything they wanted. He always had to put up with sub-standards simply because he was an immigrant. Everything that happened to Eddie in the play was due to the fact he was an immigrant. He constantly had to suppress his feelings throughout the play. He wasn't given the respect he deserved by others out side of the Italian community and this infuriated him. Miller wanted to highlight the situation for Italian immigrants and he shows it through Eddie in this play. Miller admires Eddie for that, he goes with his instinct and he goes after everything he wants, not just half. Frank Savill 10.6 ...read more.

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