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Arthur Miller's "A View From The Bridge": In the following Essay I am going to scrutinize the association between Eddie Carbone and Catherine and the period up to Eddies death. I will also explain how this relates to Eddies death.

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Examine the relationship between Eddie and Catherine and say how it contributes to Eddies Death In the following Essay I am going to scrutinize the association between Eddie Carbone and Catherine and the period up to Eddies death. I will also explain how this relates to Eddies death. First I will examine the way in which Eddie behaves towards Catherine and the way he feels about her as a daughter. I will then show how Catherine feels about Eddie as a father and then gather a conclusion for this essay. Eddies association with Catherine is one of a kind, He is a caring considerate and responsible Father who is very over protective about Catherine. Eddie does not want Catherine to grow up as he feels that she will always be his little girl and will never leave home, However as the story goes on this is proven to be wrong. He said to Catherine's mother a while back when Catherine was younger 'I promised your mother on her deathbed, I'm responsible for you' As an Adoptive father Eddie tries to keep Catherine from going out he is over protective we see this at the beginning of the story when he says her skirt is too short because men will look at her: E: "I think it's to short, ain't it?" ...read more.


But Catherine does not feel the same way and disapproves. Eddie objects to Rodolpho because he stays out at night when he should be hiding. He keeps Catherine away from he steno-graphy lessons (typing). He sings, He's blond, He's an illegal immigrant and so Eddie thinks that he is just interested in Catherine because she is American. At the beginning of the story Catherine is very loving and cares for Eddie as much as he does for her. She never went out without him or Beatrice at night and always liked being around Eddie and Beatrice she likes to impress Eddie. We see this at the begging of the story when Catherine buys a new skirt and gets a new hair cut C: "Hi Eddie E: "Where you going all dressed up?" running her hands over her skirt. C: " I just got it, you like it" This is a superb quote which shows how much she loves Eddie and wants to please him as much as she can, She does not want to ruin there caring relationship between the to off them. ...read more.


Catherine has changed she has changed the relationship between Eddie and herself however Eddie has also changed and become distant from Catherine. I think this has contributed to Eddies death because Eddie became over obsessed with Catherine and would not let her go, So he tried to get rid of Beatrice's cousins but by doing this he made it worse for himself and creating a huge upset between Catherine, Marco, Eddie and Rodolpho. Marco became upset and angry with Eddie which caused them to fight and ended in a horrific death. After scrutinizing the association between Eddie Carbone and Catherine I have found they both are very similar and that they are both very childish this is shown because they both are treating each other in a immature fashion. Catherine should listen to Eddie and start growing up a little more, she should think about her actions and what she does before committing. Eddie has become over obsessed and changed. I believe that Eddie died because he did not let Catherine do what she wanted and made Marco and Rodolpho angry about what he had said and did. The essay has been interesting however lacks inspiration and enthusiasm that makes the book slow paced and uninteresting. ...read more.

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