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Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' was set in 1955.

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Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' was set in 1955. Miller lived in Brooklyn; it is here that the play was set. A longshoreman told the original story of this play 'A View From The Bridge', which miller based his story upon. 'Eddie' is a longshoreman. Miller worked alongside Italian immigrants, he learnt about there struggles in life in there own country and how there families were left behind, miller uses this in the play. The fact that miller used Italian immigrants as the characters in his play shows that he regards ordinary people as important. A View From The Bridge was written as a play to show the realism of the story to the audience, and highlight the emotion behind the play. To open the play Miller uses stage directions. He sets the play in Brooklyn. The setting of the play is mainly in the living room-dinning room in Eddie's apartment. This would affect the audience by creating a tense atmosphere because of the space in the rooms. Eddie's apartment mainly has all the action and everything is happening there, but Miller still describes the outer streets to show the realism of the play to the audience. A narrator named Alfieri introduces the play and also the main characters in the play to the audience so they know what is happening and who is important and who's not important Alfieri is a lawyer this makes him a person who is not biased. ...read more.


He does not like changes and wants everything to be normal (this also shows overprotection). We should know how Eddie feels about Catherine through his compliments, 'beautiful. Turn around, lemme see the back', this shows how he sees her. It also shows the audience how Eddie feels for Catherine. It is not the love of an uncle and niece it's the love of a husband and wife. Eddie does not realise the feelings he has for Catherine but the audience can tell by the way he is acting towards her. Secondly Arthur Miller shows a different side of Eddie when he makes Catherine cry. This is when Beatrice's cousins from America (illegal immigrants) and Catherine falls in love with the younger one named Rodolfo out of the two brothers. Eddie is angry and also jealous about this. This shows how he really feels about his niece. Catherine cries because Eddie says that Rodolfo likes her to become an American citizen. 'Kati, he's only bowin' to his passport', this is when she is upset. Catherine stands up to Eddie and says I don't believe you, this shows Catherine is becoming independent and Eddie is not happy about this. All the tension builds up at this stage, also the audience can realise that something is going to happen at this stage. ...read more.


He also fought for her and in the end he died for her. This fits in with Aristotle's theory of tragedy. Aristotle also said another form of tragedy is a 'perfect tragedy' should create two particular emotions in the audience, fear for the hero and also pity for them. This fits in for Eddie as he was a tragic hero. Also at the end Eddie dies in his wife's arm this also fits in with Aristotle's theory. An alternative theory of tragedy is provided by Kurt Vonnegut, a twentieth century writer. He argued that tragedies begin with happiness and end in death, this occurs as Eddie dies at the end. Eddie does not fully fit into both Aristotle and Vonnegut's theory because of his wealth, he is a longshoreman. In conclusion, Eddie is shown through act one to be an ordinary person whose feelings for his niece destroys his life. Throughout the scenes we realise his feelings for his niece and also his jealousy over Rodolfo. Although it could be argued that he is not a tragic character. I believe he is a tragic character because of what he does for his niece. You don't need to have wealth to be a tragic hero even ordinary people can be one. This play is emotional and it shows what can happen between the bond of an uncle and his niece, which kills him. By Syed Ahmed 11y ...read more.

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