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Arthur Miller's "A view From The Bridge".

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A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller Arthur Miller's "A view From The Bridge" is a story about a man called Eddie who because of his jealousy caused by his idea of manliness, through hostility and aggression led to his death. Rodolpho and Marco are brothers, illegal immigrants in Brooklyn New York. They went there to find work, Eddie housed them because of their family ties with his. Eddie thinks that a real man should be strong, tough and mean. The appearance of a man should be with dark features and big size. He thinks that a real man should be like him, the breadwinner who works hard, doing work that uses muscle and not much brain. He perhaps also thinks that a man would always look at pretty woman in a sexual way rather than just another person. Catherine is his niece; she is the reason of his strong jealous feelings towards Rodolpho and it also made him express it. His jealousy is based on his feelings towards Cathrine. His feelings are more than just one of a fatherly figure shown by the way he is shy when she says hi to him. ...read more.


Eddie describes him, as "ain't right "and" no good, he doesn't trust him so Eddie and his little buddies call him names such as "Paper Doll", "Danish", "Blondie", "Canary", and "Parka". When Beatrice tries to confront him about his obvious dislike of him, he repeats his excuses of Rodolpho being "no good" and "ain't right". He also said that if you go into a house and looked for Rodolpho singing you would be looking for a she not a man. Beartice's relationship has always been one of a wife. Eddie does not like to talk about the fact that they haven't had sex in a long time. This in a way is also not a manly quality which maybe means that he is embarrassed and feels weaker as a man. Beatrice seems to be always taking Rodolpho's and Catherine's side as she could already figured out Eddie's intentions from the start. He pushes her aside a number of times and ignores her pleads of changing his attitude towards Catherine "I've told you a hundred times". The conversation of Beatrice and Eddie about Rodolpho is important because it shows clearly what he really thinks about Rodolpho, one of the defends Beatrice gave is that maybe that's how they do it in Italy, Eddie quickly and ...read more.


Arthur having seen somebody in the same situation as Eddie thinks that this could achieve a great storyline being born by different ideas of the same principal. He obviously isn't like Eddie as he wrote a book in which I think that Eddie would consider not very manly. Also if Arthur Miller were really like that he wouldn't discourage his own behaviour by writing a book, which looks at how negative this point of view can result in. After having read the book we don't really know what the three main men in the book really thinks. Except probably Marco because he has less of a suspicious motive to do what he did. Rodolpho could have really not loved Catherine and could be planning to run away from her after gaining U.S. citizenship. Eddie could have desired more than what his relationship with Catherine had, turning his attention from Beatrice towards a younger more attractive looking innocent girl. ** Eddie walked into his death blindly not seeing it because of a built up frustration over a long period of time. He couldn't predict what would happen and wasn't able to assess his opponent Marco in such a short time give to release his anger. No Quotes Included, Will Be Later ...read more.

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