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Arthur miller wrote A View From The Bridge, in 1940's.

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A View From The Bridbe [image002.gif] Arthur miller wrote A View From The Bridge, in 1940's. The play is set in New York, red hook, Brookline. The story is about Eddie Carbone an Italian longshoreman working on the New York docks. He lives with his wife Beatrice and his wife's niece Catherine. There's also Alfieri the narrator and the lawyer in the play he guides us through the story. He shows us how the story and the characters feelings change through out the play. When I look at the play in the beginning I can see that Eddie is a kind, loyal, loving and decent man, however as the story goes on Eddies character changes. My task is to see if I consider Eddie as a tragic hero, therefore by looking at his character I well find out whether or not he is a tragic hero. During the first act I can see Eddie as a loving loyal and a hardworking man. ...read more.


Eddie's wife Beatrice is aware of how deep Eddie's protectiveness is towards Catherine. It soon becomes clear that she is unhappy about Eddie's attitude to his niece. But as the story goes on the problem between Eddie and Beatrice goes deeper. Beatrice is worried about when she's going to be a wife again, (what's the matter Eddie you don't like me, heh?). As Catherine finds her self-growing attraction to Rodolfo, which leads to their planned marriage, brings out an aggressive reaction in Eddie that starts to break the family apart. Eddie's desire for Catherine, force him to consult Alfieri for advice, and Alfieri offers nothing but he tells him to allow events to follow their nature course. It's now that we know how disparate Eddie is to get rid of the brothers when he betrays them and tells the immigration bureau about them. Marco finally come face to face with Eddie in the neighbourhood to give Eddie a lesson, he spats on Eddie's face in front of the whole community persuading them that he is the killer of his children. ...read more.


I think Eddie should have thought of what could have happened to him and to his family before falling for his desire. I think the play is more likely to show Marco as a hero for putting him self in so much trouble just to save his starving family. My view about Eddie changes, to me first he looked like a decent and loyal man who was loved by his family and then changes to a selfish, cruel man. Miller leads us through the play about Eddie's jealousy, which culminates in an unforgivable crime against his family and the Sicilian community. Millers point above makes me feel stronger about Eddie's betrayal and Sicilian community, how they acted towards a betray in a family. The other thing that I felt strongly about was Beatrice's character, Her character made me to feel sorry about her, because she was powerless towards Eddie and had no other way but to stick to her husband. ...read more.

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