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Arthur Miller wrote that there needs to be, 'real conflict and tension to create drama.' By choosing two key moments from Millers play, 'A View from the Bridge,' examines in depth how the playwright manages to convey and share this conflict and tension wi

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Task: Arthur Miller wrote that there needs to be, 'real conflict and tension to create drama.' By choosing two key moments from Millers play, 'A View from the Bridge,' examines in depth how the playwright manages to convey and share this conflict and tension with the audience. Drama is said to be, 'sequence of events which are highly emotional, tragic or turbulent. Arthur Miller wrote that there needs to be 'real conflict and tension to create drama' As a playwright he tries to portray this by making his characters clash together bringing conflict and a dramatic feel causing an overall build up of tension. He also brings in shocking events which are usually unexpected; this makes the whole play dramatic and builds the tension up. He believes that conflict and tension make good drama; you need lots of it to give a dramatic feel. This is important because it makes a drama seem more interesting to watch. Miller wants you to feel that the main source of conflict is Eddie being overprotective and his Italian pride. Although he's living in America and living by the American Constitutional law he still uses the Italian way of life. ...read more.


Eddies thought of Rodolfo getting his hands on Catherine disgust's him and Eddie tries not to waste any time so he tells Rodolfo straight,' get your stuff and get out of here.' The audience can tell that Eddie has this sexual image of Catherine and Rodolfo together. All these years Eddie has treated Catherine like 'a baby' and she's not having it anymore. Eddie 'reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth.' The audience watch this in horror as they see a fatherly figure trying showing a totally different side. The stage directions make Eddie grab Catherine's arm. This makes Catherine frightened; we can see this as the playwright has written for her to be trembling with fear. The fear of Eddie builds up for Catherine as she's never seen Eddie act like this. Making Eddie drunk at the time creates a drama in it's self. A drunken man is always scary, even to an audience who is watching would be gripping onto their seats with fear of what he could do next. ...read more.


The way Eddie tells Catherine that 'somebody's liable to step on his foot' makes the audience nervous again because they have been watching the tension build up and this scene increases this because it involves fighting. We can see that Rodolfo is 'embarrassed' about the fighting, which could make Eddie feel only gay people don't fight. He's using boxing to hit Rodolfo and see if he's manly enough. As the scene continues the tension builds up more and more when Rodolfo 'jabs at Eddie's jaw and grazes it' because we know Eddie's using this so he has a reason to hit Rodolfo back. Eddie knows when he's in a good position when his blow 'mildly staggered Rodolfo.' At this point the tension's at a real high as Eddie knows he's in control. To wind Eddie up even more Rodolfo says ' no, no, he didn't hurt me' The stage directions bring it all together because the playwright has chosen for Rodolfo to say it directly, 'to Eddie with a certain gleam and a smile' and Rodolfo knows this will wind him up. This whole scene has brought lots of great tension to the play. To bring the scene though the playwright leaves Eddie 'rubbing his fists together' and Rodolfo putting on 'Paper Doll', which makes Eddie believe he's gay. ...read more.

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