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Arthur Millers play 'A View from the Bridge'

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A View from the Bridge Arthur Millers play 'A View from the Bridge' was set in the Italian - America neighbourhood of Brooklyn during the 1950s. During this time the close community was governed by Italian codes of justice, vengeance and the strict laws of the US immigration. Back then immigration to 'the land of the free' was common. The immigrants 'Marco' and 'Rudolpho' move from Italy where they were suffering times of high unemployment to America where they stay with their cousin Beatrice, her husband Eddie and their adopted niece Catherine. It is only on the arrival of the cousins that the underlying feelings of Eddie become apparent, and his fate is set on a course of destruction. In the play, the most obvious and important relationship is between Eddie and Catherine. Catherine herself is the blood relative of Beatrice, but its Eddie who promised on her mothers death-bed to raise Catherine as his own daughter. Catherine and Eddie have a very strong relationship; she likes to have his approval on everything and enjoys fussing over him when he returns from work. ...read more.


Beatrice accepts that Catherine has to make her own choices in life and should be allowed to learn from her own mistakes. This is why Beatrice encourages her to get a job and to ignore Eddie's comments about Rudolpho. Eddie's infatuation with Catherine takes its toll not only on the general attitude towards his wife but also on their sex life. Beatrice informs us that it has been three months since they have made love. Running throughout the play Alfieri acts as a chorus and as the local lawyer that Eddie goes to for advice. Alfieri has in the past represented Eddie's father in an accident case some years before so has formed a casual acquaintance with the family. When Eddie first went to see Alfieri his eyes were like tunnels, he was possessed by a passion that was unknown to him and he was afraid of what he was trying to do. Alfieri tells Eddie that he only deals in what can be proved. Eddie is unhappy with this answer and tries to persuade Alfieri that there is something he can do. ...read more.


Eddie realises what he has done and tries to get Marco and Rudolpho out of the building. He is too late and both are taken away. Beatrice is shocked and disbelieving when she realises that this is Eddie's doing, but Eddie denies it ferociously. Marco also realises that it is Eddie's fault and accuses him in front of the on-looking people before spitting in his face. Eddie swears he will kill Marco if he doesn't apologise. Just before the wedding Eddie and Marco come face to face. Eddie is still furiouse and demands an apology in front of the neighbourhood. They both start to fight as Marco refuses. Eddie then brings out a knife and lunges it at Marco. Marco only twists Eddie's arm around and plunges the knife into him. For Eddie there was no way out. He was being ruled by his passion. For him pride is everything, to be degraded by Marco in front of his friends and his family was the thing which dented his pride most. He felt that without his pride, and his respect that he was nothing. From the beginning Alfieri said it would happen as he predicted. So Eddie had a destiny, and a fate. 1,186 words By Hayley Lewis (10P) ...read more.

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