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Article Analysis : ‘M1 protest: the worst enemy is the cynics’

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Article Analysis : 'M1 protest: the worst enemy is the cynics' In the article 'M1 protest: the worst enemy is the cynics' Vivek Subramanian of Glen Waverly, Vic, an M1 protestor, argues in an accepting and intellectual, subdued manor in favour of the protestors. She believes that the 'wild' protestors have a valid point that is missed by many cynical people. Subramanian is upset that someone such as Imre Salusinzsky ("Protesting by numbers", Opinion, 30/4), a coherent and learned person has missed the point of campaigns such as M1 or S11. Without creating a heated argument she kindly accepts that she has been stereotyped as one of those "crazy kids", as mentioned by Salusinzsky. Subramanian subverts the label by highlighting and accepting that a learned person such as Imre Salusinzsky has labelled them "crazy kids". ...read more.


In saying this she wants the audience to realise that the only reason the protestors sometimes turn violent is because no one is doing anything about their concerns. This creates a negative attitude towards the cynical people and a warm attitude towards the people who are trying to improve the world. In contrast people such as Imre Salusinzsky hold a different perspective on the matter. The article 'Protesting by numbers', Imre Salusinzsky, Opinion, 30/4, provides a different attitude towards the M1 protestors. Imre Salusinzsky believes that these protestors haven't got a good understanding of what they're protesting about. We can see her negative and almost cynical attitude from the start. She uses generalisation by saying 'dark grey suits will be replaced in the CBDs of our capital cities by even sillier-looking colourful woolly hats. ...read more.


She's making a mockery of the protestors, which makes them look stupid and ignorant, which is what we are going to believe. If we are laughing about all of this then it's going to be hard to agree with the protestors. In conclusion of analysing both of these articles I thought that Vivek Subramanian's argument was more effective. After receiving a highly negative view produced by Salusinzsky she constructed an argument, which was presented in a subdued manor, as well as being very persuasive. Although there were not many persuasive elements, the ones she constructed such as subverting the label 'crazy kids' were done effectively and persuaded me to agree with her. On the other hand the article written by Imre Salusinzsky also contained some effective elements but wasn't as strong as Subramanian's. Her use of generalisation created this illusion of these 'crazy kids', which worked quite well in trying to create a negative attitude towards the protestors. Nick Crema ...read more.

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