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Article on the fire in Carrie's war

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Newspaper report - the fire in Carrie's war Last night as the family slept, a ferocious blaze swept through their home destroying everything in its path. Druids Bottom, set in the picturesque village of Druid's Grove, was engulfed in flames reducing this beautiful family home to ashes. Fire-fighters were quick on the scene and were quoted as saying "This is one of the fiercest fires we have seen in a long time and the residents were lucky to get out alive. We have seen a lot of fires in our time, however none as bad as this, it's a miracle everyone survived. ...read more.


It is important that no one blames themselves; it was an accident and could have happened at any time, and could have been lot worse. We all have each other to get us through this difficult time in our lives, we must stick together from now on" Investigators have concluded that the fire started upstairs and most likely by someone playing carelessly with matches. Hepzibah Green has confirmed that another resident at the house Mister Johnny had been playing with matches and it was likely that he started the fire. However she also added that "Yes Mister Johnny may have started the fire, but no one blames him. ...read more.


All of the inhabitants of Druids Bottom are devastated at the lost of their home, apart from the owner of the house, Mr Evans, who had just recently inherited the house from his late sister Dilys Gotobed. Mr Evans stated "it's all that Hepzibah's fault, she looked after my sister for years thinking that in the end she would get something out of it, but when the old girl died and left Druids Bottom to me, Hepzibah obviously thought if she couldn't have the house then no one could, so she burnt it to the ground out of spite - I know that's what happened." Only time will tell what really happened so for now, we should watch this space. ...read more.

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