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As a British spy, my mission was to infiltrate the German's secret military base near Hamburg

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´╗┐The Last Time It was 1042; As a British spy, my mission was to infiltrate the German's secret military base near Hamburg and steal the blueprints of their new weapons projects. My officer suggested I enter building via the ventilation shaft lying before me and after enjoying my final moment amidst the fresh, Summer air, I crawled in, being careful not to create too much noise as the buttons on my leather trousers scratched the dirty, metal walls. Catching me by surprise, the torturing humidity slapped me across the face as I entered, bouncing across the walls and radiating into my body. In some ways this was a positive attribute as the metre wide air duct would have been almost impossible to crawl through if it wasn't for my sweaty chest lubricating the iron ceiling. Through weeks of preparation I'd managed to memorize the entire layout of the base. ...read more.


The obstacle in discussion was a small gruff man, with grey hair and a thick, curly moustache was sitting at desk writing on a small piece of parchment. The stern look on his face gave the impression that he resented being there but with a depressingly large pile of documents lying next to him, it looked like he was in for the night. Knowing exactly what needed to be done, I pulled out the tranquillizer gun from my left pocket and aimed it towards the man, being careful not let my greasy hands shake too much as I tightened my grip on its metal casing. Sweat trickled down my face but before I could let the nerves destroy my accuracy, I pulled hastily on the trigger, setting the dart free from it's iron prison. The gun was silenced and made only a whisper of sound as it soared through the air but that noise wasn't the worrying topic. ...read more.


The men swivelled round and shouted a command in German. Instead of confronting the two men, instinct bullied me into running away. Most likely due to curiosity, rather than suspicion, the two Germans swiftly followed, chasing me outside the hangar. I was slightly quicker than the soldiers and was almost in confidence until I heard radio chatter being exchanged. Reinforcements were surely coming, probably with the brief to kill. Out of pure instinct, I immediately reached for the knife in my backpack. Hoping to create a quick distraction, I hastily threw the knife at the man speaking on the radio. It dug into his left kneecap and with a deafening squeal, he drove himself to the floor in agony. Whilst my distraction prevailed I still knew capture was unavoidable. I continued sprinting and found myself outside of the base in some nearby fields. Looking around I spotted a sniper to the left; he shot. Scraping across my face, the bullet turned my eyes into a bloody mess. It was the last time I'd ever use them again. ...read more.

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