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As a director I would portray Mercutio as...

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As a director I would portray Mercutio as... As a director I would cast Mercutio as a very dramatic and vibrant character. This is because many of the things that he says are very outrageous and I imagine that they come from a similar kind of character. As Romeo and Juliet is play not a novel, we do not get a written description of any of the characters. This means that we have to make one up for ourselves in our minds. In the Baz Lehreman production of the play Mercutio is played as a black transvestite. I like this idea and I can imagine him as this character but I think that it might be slightly over the top. I think that even though Mercutio is a very extrovert character, I think that he is too refined and too influenced by society to be a transvestite. He would appear on the outside in bright, flamboyant dress but still in the style of the age. He might move and act slightly homosexual but he must speak very confidently to go with his personality. His lines could be slightly overacted so that he stands out as a character. In Mercutio's first appearance, where he performs the queen Mab speech he talks about a fairy and a whole magical world "she is the fairies midwife...no bigger than an agate stone". ...read more.


In Mercutio's fourth and final scene he dies. It is a very indignant death; this is also a characteristic that reflects on his behaviour. We are not sure but we think that it must be quite frustrating for Mercutio at this point to be known as the joker, because it becomes fatal. It is quite an ironic death because he dies still laughing and joking about. We feel though that he joking is quite bitter. He is punning even in his last speech. "No 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door...ask for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man." Here there is a double meaning of 'grave'. Grave can mean sad so he is joking that tomorrow he will be sad which is funny because he is never shown as a character that is easily upset. Gave also implies burial in a grave. I think that is a point when a lot of his friends realise that something is wrong. His friends think that he is joking when he says that he is dying from Tybalt's stab wound. This means that his servant doesn't know whether he is being serious that he needs a surgeon or just joking around like he normally does. ...read more.


Sometimes the fight is portrayed as being immediately serious but other times it starts off as only a friendly fight. In the end the prince knows that if he makes a decision with accuracy that the vendetta will only continue. "Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill." I think that even through all of Mercutio's faults he is a good man. This does not mean that I think that he is a good friend to Romeo. I don't think that he is a good friend to Romeo this is because when Romeo is upset about Rosaline he gives him little support. Benvolio is the only friend that we hear about going to talk to Romeo when he is unhappy. Not only does he not confront Romeo about being upset he also doesn't talk to him sensitively about being unhappy. He is slightly like the nurse because he likes being sexual about subjects. Mercutio teases Romeo about being in love as well and mocks all heterosexual relationships. This is not what Romeo needs to hear then. He also is not very nice to the nurse when Romeo wants to speak to her. I think that he fits my interpretation of him well. I pictured him more as he is played in the Zephirelli production as oppose to the Baz Lehreman. I think that at the production at the globe reflected how I pictured Mercutio. ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah Mason 11A 1 ...read more.

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