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As a Director, Write To the Actors About To Rehearse Act Two of A View from the Bridge

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As a director, write to the actors about to rehearse ACT TWO (p.43- 48) explaining the significance of this section of the play and how they are to interpret the characters and the dramatic impact of the scene. Throughout the essay I will be advising the actors on the important themes during the scene. These are the themes of betrayal, love, and trust, and the effects they have on the characters throughout the scene and how they develop. At the beginning of the play, it explains that Miller intended the play to be a modern version of a Greek tragedy, where a central character is led by fate towards a destiny that cannot be escaped. Also that it is not what happens, but how it happens. The scene is set just before Christmas in Red Hook, New York, so there is more tension than normal, because it is thought to be a family, loving and caring time. During the play the tension slowly builds up, due to the main themes of the play, which is sexual tension between Eddie, Catherine and Rodolfo. Betrayal creates tension because Catherine wants to marry Rodolfo and Eddie will not allow it, so therefore Catherine wants to marry without his approval and betrays him. ...read more.


He explains this by saying 'I will not marry you to live in Italy. I want you to be my wife, and I want to be a citizen.' This shows that he cares for Catherine, and doesn't want her to get hurt. Rodolfo is emotionally hurt and furious with Catherine. Catherine comes close to tears, when Rodolfo asks why she is afraid of Eddie, Miller builds up the tension here, as Catherine is growing up and wants to move away with Rodolfo. The tension is built up here with then contrast of love, with Catherine and Rodolfo's relationship with Eddie and Beatrice's Marriage. 'If I was a wife I would make a man happy instead of goin' at him all the time.' This quote shows that Catherine thinks that Beatrice isn't treating Eddie like a husband, and she doesn't know what he wants and likes. He will treat her like a proper wife. Rodolfo cares about her and won't let them move away over back to Italy, as it isn't safe. Catherine asks Rodolfo ' Teach me. I don't know anything, teach me, Rodolfo, hold me. 'This shows that they care about each and they want to go to the bedroom. ...read more.


'Eddie is gone the phone is glowing in the light now. Light is out on Alferi, Eddie has at the same time appeared beside the phone.' This stage direction by Miller and considering Eddies state of mind the phone is very important. This is because the audiences are afraid that Eddie is going to go against Alferi's advice and ring the immigration up and report Rodolfo and Marco as illegal immigrants. At the end of scene the tension that was created throughout the play has been realised. The tension had mostly been built up by the two kisses at the end of the scene. Eddie had kissed Catherine, while letting out his true feeling for her. This bought shock into the scene for all three of the characters, Catherine, Eddie and Rodolfo. When Eddie kissed Rodolfo I feel that all the tension had been realised fully, as everyone was more shocked including Eddie. I don't think anyone including himself thought he could go so low. Catherine found out or real what Eddie felt and why he despised Rodolfo so much. ?? ?? ?? ?? Subject: English Essay - A view from the bridge' 1 Name: Holly Nunns File: C:\Documents and Settings\ckd\My Documents\newcontentonline\processing\post\13911.doc Date: 02/05/07 ...read more.

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