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As I walked thorough the icy cold graveyard I got the feeling I wasnt alone. - Creative writing.

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GCSE English Assignment two - original writing As I walked thorough the icy cold graveyard I got the feeling I wasn't alone. I had heard tales of this place before from my friends, but they were fables. I am 16, nothing to worry about I thought. But as I turned to walk down the pathway and heard a whisper. A chill spread down my spine. I stood as still as a stone statue. 'Who's there?', I silently thought to myself. Suddenly I heard a loud ringing noise, like from a telephone. It seemed to ring for a long time, the bells of the churched chimed faintly in the distance. I dropped all my things onto the floor. They spread out across the muddy floor, I bent down slowly to pick them up and felt a burning sensation on my neck. ...read more.


At first I thought it was one of my friends playing a prank on me as they usually did, but I got closer I began to see his facial features. His eyes were ruby red, I reached out to touch his skin but I was reaching in to air. He looked as white as snow, his lips as dark as the night sky, his hair so shiny and had perfect central parted. He stood firm and proud like an old grandfather clock, looking down over me. His hands were behind his back he started to sway. He started to move closer to me. I could feel his cold breath on my face. He wore a black fifties style suite, including white gloves and fob watch. The diamond ring on his right hand glistened in the moon light. His gold rimmed monocle fell from his eye. 'Stewart'. The man said. ...read more.


I heard crackling and popping as the flames engulfed this man. In my mouth I could taste the warmth, like red hot coals, it made me feel sick, it was a mix of burning leaves from below, and flesh. As I watched him burn I saw he was in pain, I felt guilty, I then reached out to him to try to help, but only felt burning. The tips of my fingers turned black with soot, I couldn't pull them away. I was, yet again stuck. The blackness spread quickly up my arm, through my whole body. I felt burning over men, my clothes were now sinders. I was hot but I did not feel any pain. Then, all of a sudden there was nothing. All of my surroundings had gone. The burning had stopped and I was blinded by the brilliant day light. But now I knew what the man wanted and it was my help. He needed me, but why? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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