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As Language Trial Exam

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As Language Trial Exam 1.a. I, as President of the Matosinhos Environmental group, welcome my fellow listeners and environmentalists to our Annual Meeting and will present my views with honesty and discretion. Although our society if facing hardship and financial difficulties this is a time to face the truth, to stand up for what is right and good, and to be frank with ourselves. This area will improve and will grow into an oasis of green in a grey world. We need not wallow in the swamps of despair, nor drown in the seas of pollution, but we will rise into clear skies and conquer our fear for the future. Our vision is to change the selfish, senseless destruction of the local environment and restore the sense of pride people take in the outdoors. With such an important vision we must succeed. 1.b. Both my speech and the original text have the purpose of persuading people to have confidence, self belief and the ability to change things. ...read more.


This stresses how everyone has a role in making changes happen. Semantic features include the uses of colours to connote a mood or feeling. For example the original text includes "dark realities" and "dark days", while my own writing uses "oasis of green in a grey world". Both the use of "dark" and "grey" connote a world suffering problems and create a negative effect. This also emphasises the absence of colour, joy and hope. However, my text used the colour green to suggest change is possible and it relates to the environment and nature. Furthermore the text included a range of metaphors such as "the means of exchange are frozen in the currents of trade" and also "the withered leaves of industrial enterprise lie on every side" which both suggest and compare the economy to winter when things do not grow, but remain dormant or shrink. However, the unspoken implication is that Spring follows Winter and things will improve and grow again. ...read more.


I also used this technique "we will..." and the modal "will" to stress confidence, part of the purpose of the speech, and inspire the listeners. There are numerous complex sentences with subordinating clauses which explain or emphasise the point made. In the sentence beginning "So first of all..." the president goes on to explain the nature of terror "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror..." and this adds depth to his point that it is fear which creates the biggest problem. I used a similar techniques in the sentence Now is the time to face the truth, to stand up for what is right and good," to emphasise the poine and explin what is meant by "facing the truth". Phonological features include alliteration in both texts. For instance, "pride of place and personal profit" uses plosive sounds to create a harsh, negative tone criticising some people's attitude towards money. Similarly "selfish, senseless destruction" has capitalised on the sibilant sound to create a bitter, angry sound effect. To conclude, both texts generate some negative images, however ultimately they describe how humans can succeed in the most difficult circumstances and they aim to inspire confidence and a will to succeed in the listeners. ...read more.

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