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As midnight came and passed her silently, she smiled to herself.

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English - Fiction As midnight came and passed her silently, she smiled to herself. The night was clear and crisp and the moon stood proud among its army of stars. Outside on her porch step she stared at the night sky, no emotion revealed. Her brown almond shaped eyes widened as she watched the heavens twinkle above her. Her mind slowly wandered and began to replay the long, strenuous months, like a movie in her mind, which had led her to the emotional and physical state she was now in. The movie began like most. She could sense the emotions that she'd had at the time, as though they still lingered and haunted her in a way that she felt would never leave her completely. Images of herself flashed through her mind. ...read more.


She belonged to a large diverse group of friends and although she had known the majority of them all her life, only one knew the real her. Her obsession for perfection began with the need to impress her fathers' new family. Ever since he had left her mum and re-married she'd felt like someone had placed a barrier between the two of them. She no longer felt like a part of his family, but was now simply an outsider trying desperately to fit into his new life. She felt as though she was being made to fight for his attention. As she sat in silence on her cold, bricked step, she was pulled out of her memories by a cool breeze that whisked her long chestnut hair into the air and across her now rosy cheeks. ...read more.


She could remember how she frantically wanted to talk to her dad and tell him her how she felt, but how could she, how could she force her dad into a situation where he would probably have to choose between his new found happiness and his daughter? Instead over the weeks she let the jealousy and pain build up inside until she could take no more, she was desperate for some sort of relief but there seemed no achievable way. She could recall having a need for control. There was no longer a part of her if that she felt she could alter, control or influence. Nothing that is, except herself. Katherine set out to change herself from She no longer felt alone; she finally felt an emotion that she had desperately longed for. She had a sense of belonging and self-content. Vikki Kirkpatrick 11BH ...read more.

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