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As She Grows

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ENGLISH CPT : ESSAY by: Jacquelin Chan "And it's another thing to have that one person not love you back, not the way you want them to." (Cowan 106). As She Grows by Lesley Anne Cowan tells us the story of a teenaged girl, Snow, who grew up with no mother or father. The person that acted as her "parent" was her grandmother, a drunkard. Growing up with no love at home, she leaves for a group home. It is there she makes her life changing decision. To keep her child and to give her a home showered with love and happiness. Throughout this book, the author shows Snow's journey, separation when she leaves her grandmother, initiation when she gets pregnant and decides to keep the child, and return, when she decides to return to her former life in order to raise Betty. In As She Grows, Snow struggles to show her daughter the love that she had never experienced, so that her child might have the life she never had, filled with love and care, demonstrating the power of love to transform lives. ...read more.


When Snow finds out that she is pregnant, she tries to accept the truth by herself. Yet, she soon finds out that this is too much for her to carry by herself, so she tells this secret to one person. Each person living in a group home is assigned to a counselor. To Snow, going to a counselor is her price to stay in a group home. Her counselor, Eric, slowly persuades her to tell him about her reasons of leaving her grandmother. Soon, she breaks down and tells him why she left and even about her pregnancy. "Some words spill out of me and other are forced through my throat." (Cowan 178). At thins point, Snow tells Eric that she is tired, that she does not want to plan her next step in life. She tells him, "I have no fight left in me." (Cowan 179). After her friend Jasmyn's persuasion, she tells the group home and Staff that she is pregnant. ...read more.


"Look away from her piercing eyes and whisper, 'I'm sorry', into her soft skin." (Cowan 277). Snow worries that her daughter's present and future. In the present, Snow is afraid she will not know how and when to love her. In the future, Snow is afraid about what life her daughter will choose to take. She wants the best life possible for Betty, and Snow thinks the life she had was the worst life imaginable, a kind of life she doesn't want Betty to have. In the last two lines of As She Grows, "If I rise, bury me. If I rise in you, bury me." (Cowan 289). Snow's difficulties in raising Betty are shown. Her lack of parental love in her childhood has caused Snow to learn maternal love for her child, because she does not want Betty following in her old steps. Even near death, Snow still wants the best for her daughter. She loves her and says that if her bad characteristics or her life ever appear to surface in Betty's life, she is to bury all of this. ...read more.

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