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Asboville tells the story of JB, a sixteen year old verging on delinquency.

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Asboville essay Asboville tells the story of JB, a sixteen year old verging on delinquency. After warnings about stone-throwing, keying cars (scratching a key on the car body work) , breaking windows and making children's play parks a no go zone for the under 14s and the over 17s alike, he is caught vandalising property. He is served with an ASBO, his likeness is pasted up on posters all over his estate, and he is sent to live with his uncle in a quiet seaside town. His punishment is to work at painting the beach huts. At one hut each day, it will take JB the entire summer. However is-this what it is always going to be like for JB? Or is there a ray of hope? The book opens on the estate where JB, Scooby, Carla and Dicko are kicking around. We also learn that ?JB?S court case was just two days away. ?Already the book has started off with in a negative state. In addition his behaviour is like the other teenagers in this novel, he doesn?t think about consequences until it?s too late. ...read more.


Sal tells us a little more about the ships ?graveyard; how her friend Emma found it by accident; how her father doesn?t believe in its existence. ?JB got a look at her now, curled brown hair hanging in front of her eyes, legs long and tanned. She was beautiful.? This shows a great ray of hope as JB has made a new friend and has someone to talk to. However Sal has problems with her dad. To add in chapter twelve JB finds the gang at the Lifeboat Memorial on carnival day. He meets Moey and the girls, including Moey?s girlfriend, Lisette, for the first time. Moey infiltrates the parade and causes trouble with one of the lifeboat men who forces the gang to disembark and disperse into the alleyways. They arrive at the harbour where Moey demonstrates his nerve by lighting a banger and holding it in his fingers until the very last second. JB does the same. It?s a test of his nerve, a challenge. The noise from the bangers attracts the same man from the parade and once again he moves them on. Moey offers JB some cannabis. ...read more.


JB?s decision is to stand and hold his ground. This is an important moment, for as we are well aware, there was a time when all he?d think of doing was running away. This is a major sign that JB has changed his ways and offers a ray of hope. And in the last chapter two months have passed. JB and his family have moved to a new house on the edge of the town. Sal calls from university. JB takes his phone to the beach where he lets Sal listen to the sound of the waves. They promise to see each other the following Christmas. This is where we know that JB has changed. So far my argument has been biased going towards the pessimistic side of the book however there aren?t many up?s to the book. This novel was over all negative and JB faced hard challenges to overcome, however in the end there is a ray of hope for the characters as once JB had stopped running away from things, like the police and real life he got back on track. Over all Asboville is a negative book from the start but towards the end offers a ray of hope to its characters. ...read more.

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