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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

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...Ashes to ashes, dust to dust' droned the priest solemnly, as the men piled the hot, dusty earth over the coffin. Hot salty tears welled up in my eyes, as I realised that my best friend had gone forever. We stood there looking blankly at the memorial, shining brightly in the morning sunlight. I noticed Samuel's name among the sixteen, freshly engraved on the gleaming brass. As the tears streamed down my hot face, memories started flooding back to me. I tried to think back to a time before the war, a life of peace, but all I could remember was misery, pain and death. The war had been going on for what seemed like forever. Nobody seemed to smile anymore; just the same grey, pasty faces wherever I looked. A feeling of immense sadness hung over our small town like a dark cloud that would never blow away. The ones with sense had left soon after it had started, but now it was too late for the civilians who were now left behind. ...read more.


From my uncomfortable hiding place, I could feel the vibration of every explosion as it blew the buildings apart into small minute rocks. A town we once worked so hard for blown away like the sand, gone for good. Another child who had the safety of the under ground cellar like us started whimpering in the corner in despair. A close one sent streams of crumbled plaster onto our heads. Eventually the explosions subsided and people cautiously started to come out into the bright daylight. What met our eyes was a sorry sight. There was not an intact building in sight. Pieces of smouldering rubble had been strewn all over what was once the road. Suddenly everyone was talking and a babble of voices could be heard echoing in the eerie, empty, almost ghostly streets of the town. Fathers were calling in desperation for lost children, women were crying over their losses and children were screaming for their parents. ...read more.


A release of fear and disbelief of survival passed through the minds of every person in the small town. There was more grieving and sorrow than I had ever seen before. Nobody expected the attack to be as catastrophic as it was. In the chaos and bedlam that followed sixteen people had tragically been killed and many more had been brutally injured. Everyone had their own emotions and needed to express them in anyway they could. Commotion reigned throughout what was left of the town, as everyone was trying to realise the actual happenings of what went on. So here I am. Back to where my personal story began. At the funeral of my best friend, standing looking at his memorial, while all around me, people are working to get us back to normal, if such a thing exists. Houses are painstakingly being rebuilt and the rubble is being cleared. Everyone is doing something to make a difference. I guess I should stop gazing over the past and move onto the future. Rest in peace my best friend Samuel. Helpless Rhys Roydon ...read more.

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