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Ashley sat up with a jolt.

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Ashley sat up with a jolt. 'He's back; he's really back; Vic's back,' she thought. Or was it just a dream? Was it yet again another illusion she had created for herself to believe in? She sighed heavily. For the past few months, she had found it difficult to distinguish reality from fragments of her memory. It was three in the morning. The silence was deafening as she threw open her windows to let in the cool night air. Her eyes travelled over to the wooden swing at the corner of the garden. That one simple swing held so many memories for her, happy memories. She closed her eyes and recalled the many, many times where they had laughed and played there; they're laughter so bright and carefree in the gentle breeze that blew. The flowers had been so beautiful, so beautiful. The wild daisies, the rose bushes, the tulips... Tears filled her eyes as she saw a seven year old Vic and herself swinging on the swing. * * * * * * * * * * * * "Vic?" Ashley asked. "Hmm?" Vic answered "If we ever find a genie who will give us one wish, what will you want?" ...read more.


Not one tiny bit. And it had already been three months. Probably the worst three months of her entire young life. The first month had been the worst. * * * * * * * * * * * * "Vic's back," she said. Some people looked up from their work. Only the few close to her rose. "Vic's back; Vic's back; Vic's back," Ashley repeated as though in a trance. "He's not. Oh Ash, he's not. You have to get over it Ash. You can't wallow in your grief for ever," Kate said as she drew Ashley close. "Vic's back. He is. He really is. Vic's back. He really is," Ashley whispered to herself. "Ash don't, please. You can't do this. You have your entire life ahead of you. Vic wouldn't want this. He wouldn't want you to grief over him like this. He wouldn't," Kate said as pain surfaced in her eyes. "No! Vic wouldn't want me to forget!" Ashley shouted. The people in the room looked up startled. "You don't understand. I can't remember. I can't remember his face, his eyes, his smile. I can't remember all the times we had together. I can't remember!" Ashley said as she squatted down with her hands around her legs, her tears flowing unchecked down her cheeks. ...read more.


Out of the corner of her eye. She saw the faint outline of a shadow moving. When she turned to look, she was faced by an empty corridor. She stood there for a few seconds. Her eyes, for some reason, desperately searching for that shadow. There had been a feeling about that shadow, a particular aura that she had recognised. After a few seconds, she turned back, not entirely convinced that it had just been another figment of her imagination. As the day continued, she could not shrug back the feeling that she was being followed. But every time she tried to catch the person in the act. She turned to find nobody. She became increasingly puzzled. Why was this person following her anyway? Unless... The final bell of the day went off and Ashley trudged to her locker. Because she was exhausted, she packed up slowly. The people around her slowly dispersed and she was the only person left there. The usually noisy corridor was now as quiet as a cemetery. Again she could see that shadow which had become like an old friend during the course of the day. Was she imagining stuff again, or did the shadow seem to be coming closer? The shadow soon blocked out the light that was shining on the locker. She looked up to find Vic. Zhi Ying Ho English coursework 15-11-2003 ...read more.

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