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Assasin essay

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Assassin essay_____________________ At the crack of dawn he awoke to the cold chill of mornings first light and then he prepared for his usual day at work, in taking an ice cold shower and eating a bowl of Weetabix. After putting on his black sweater and jeans he set off. He walked briskly towards the door and then in one sudden burst of energy he opened the door an entered. The phone rang; he lifted the receiver carefully and then answered in one simple cold word. As he replaced the rustic phone he rose from the chair and slowly wondered over to the bookcase where He pulled a book on the bookshelf and the wall retracted and in its place was now a dark pine shelf of equipment. He turned with a large brown bag in his hand and walked over to the garage door. He entered the garage to gaze upon his pride and joy a blue Astin Martin vanquish... ...read more.


He then peered into the lenses and stared at the upper floor of one of the German houses as if he were looking for a target. The man then lifted the metal object back to his eye and stared into the glass; he carefully adjusted the sight towards the lower floors of the building and then to the car park where two security guards, where watching from a secure booth. He lined up the sights directly in between the eyes of the security guard. He then watched the movements and actions of the guards with such detail he new how long and where they smoked. Re-aligning the crosshair with the guards head and then he stiffly took his place the with the metal object cogs turning in his mind he thought about his actions in one clean sweep with his finger at the trigger he killed the two guards. ...read more.


He then pulled and tugged at the intestines, wich eventually seeped out of the opening he rapped them around the boys neck and then over the curtain rail. The butler who had just entered the room cut the bounds as the assassin hoisted the boy by his own intestines just to watch him scream and struggle. Just before the boys neck broke. The skin around his neck was cut spraying thick amounts of blood all over the floor and walls. Then almost immediately after the bone in his neck splintered and broke letting the boy fall from the curtain rail the boys head now severed from the body it was treated like a trophy for the clients scrapbook. He then removed himself from the premises leaving the transparent glass with now a scene of red death and devastation. Now shaking with shock the assassin clambered back through the forest to his Astin martin leaving just skid marks he left the scene of the murder back to the sanctuary of his own home. Where he waited for the next customer...... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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