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Assassin - creative writing.

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ASSASSIN The Surroundings were silent and were only disturbed by the occasional howl from the trees and the roar of a blue dual exhaust super bike. The rider accelerated making the bike look a blur to pedestrians Walking by. Rain was patiently beginning to dispense, splashing down upon the weather-beaten road. After a few minutes of severe speed the bike unwillingly slowed to a halt. The rider stepped off the bike and removed the blue dragon crested helmet to divulge a bald skull-like head with electric blue eyes which were like slits. The man had a muscular body which was draped in a black tuxedo. The menacing man revolved on the spot thoroughly examining the vicinity he was now within. He then lazily lifted the seat on his bike and extricated a dazzling silver case and a brown sack, which hissed violently. Then he stowed the helmet under the seat before stashing the bike in a substantial bush. The man descended down an eroded slope and dropped the case and sack down onto the sandy ground. ...read more.


Stealthily, the man edged closer to the driver fully focused on every step he took. As the man snuck closer to the driver he could see the drivers light brown hair which was balding slightly around the middle and his pearl white skin which was draped in a dull black suit. Cunningly, the man slid a hand over the drivers mouth and knocked him unconscious with a power-sprung chop to the side of the neck. The driver fell vertically down to the ground and lay motionless on his back. Hastily, the man got down on all fours and began to detach the driver's clothes. In less than a minute the man had successfully changed into the driver's uniform. After he began to exchange the items in his tuxedo and into the pockets of the drivers uniform. He then strode over to the limousine doors and thrust the suitcase, tuxedo and brown sack onto the passenger seat. Nimbly, he walked over to the unconscious driver and dragged him carelessly, scraping his head on the gravel towards the limousine boot. ...read more.


The viper slowly slithered it's way over to the two women and began to maul every inch of their bodies and then slid into the open mouth of one of the women were it rested itself inside the women's stomach. The man smiled menacingly then drove the limousine to the Cliffside opposite the house and got out of the vehicle. He removed the suitcase and changed back into his original clothes. He then opened the suitcase and plucked the iron rod, opened the driver's window and shut all the doors. He threw the driver's uniform into the limousine and carefully placed the iron rod between the acceleration pedal and the seat. Then slowly the limousine drove over the cliff. The limousine fell crashing down to the violent sea below where it bobbed up and down for a few seconds before subsiding into the darkness. The man then casually set off for the place where he left his bike clutching his silver suitcase. When he got there, he dragged the bike from within the bush, opened the seat. Where he put on his helmet, dropped the suitcase inside and rode off into the night humming to himself. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marvin Sinclair ...read more.

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