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Assassin - creative writing.

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The Assassin. Fear hung in the air. You could see in the faint distance, on a lonely night a figure of a man. He was lying down on the bottom of the wet hill as comfortably as he could manage in heavy rain. The man was dressed all in black and camouflaged very well, so well, that it was difficult to see him. Then he was alerted by a passing car- he could see the bright yellow lights getting nearer and nearer- the assassin from a blink of an eye was lying on his front. He reached into his bag, and brought out a box of what looked like some sort of instrument-it was however a rifle. ...read more.


Ivy of some sort was growing all over the deserted house and weeds up the drive way. The Assassin quickly turned round as a red car screeched off the road into the think mud. The bumper was battered and on its last hinges, there were mud streaks across the car and with only one wind screen wiper working. The rusty car pulled up the drive way spraying mud from the badly gripped wheels and petrol leaking out of the pipes as it was trying to manage up to the door way. The car stopped, along with the engine. A woman stumbled out of the car-she looked like she was in her mid-fifties and clearly drunk. ...read more.


The woman spun around with a force that knocked her to the ground- her keys flew out of her hands and landed silently on the long wet grass. Blood poured from the skull intensively and her eyes were glossed white and her body grew paler and paler by the second. The woman just lay there. Silently and cold in a pool of blood which was increasing- she was dead. The Assassin was staring at his target, and then slowly lowered his rifle. A small smirk was appearing on his face. He slowly and calmly started packing away his weapon and taking his evidence away with him-he then threw his bag onto his back and casually started walking towards his car. As the morning was appearing and he felt dampness in the air-he looked back at his target for one last time-he had done it. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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