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Assassin - creative writing.

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Assassin Unknown by our fathers. Feared by our victims. Exist as mere shadows. We are unseen, unknown, constantly seeking our prey. Knowledge is everything; we know your movement's patterns and routines. We are like wizards stopping the world watching you through the eyes of God. The Assassin he attains no true identity living on a deeper level, controlling the environment become a part of our surroundings unseen in full view of our enemy we strike with a single blow. In the name of death may we be seen. Through a psychological approach fear can produce the most terrorizing results and the best way to induce it is by leaving subtle threats at the prey's (victim's) home. Sneak in at nights fall show him you have access to his death constantly reinforcing this message. Why am I telling you this, to show you what I am capable of because this is an introduction to a wonderful story? I go by many identities living in the darkness a heart goes cold after experiencing many murderous events my true name later revealed, my intentions unjust, this is my story. I was once a bartender serving drinks, food etc. the average life of a deluded man lead to believe he has a purpose. This event starts in the early morning before sunrise July 13th 2005. I turned 16 and was ready to open my uncle's bar; he never liked me influencing a hatred lying deep inside me whenever his dark eyes glanced in my direction. I opened the curtains quickly causing the dust to spread my allergy kicked in and I began to sneeze, but in that moment of weakness five shadowy figures entered the room in a flash pining me to the ground. It was obvious they knew what they were doing spraying my eyes blinding me hiding their identity. Suddenly a calm mature deep male voice asked me of my name. ...read more.


He addressed me in a friendly manner which made me trust him and told me he wanted to tell me a story before I left. My master spoke in a tired voice as if he was an old man. "Look at what you've accomplished in a mere 2 years of training, at first I didn't think it was possible to reach such a high status in less than a quarter of the recommended time. However there is something you must do to acquire the assassins blood line limit but I can understand perfectly if u disagree to carry out this painful task. You see when you were born you had a problem with you eyes something that most people saw as a plague or a curse. To us assassins it's a gift if used correctly but your father refused to understand this concept and immediately ordered the top surgeons from across the world to carry out an operation to have them fixed. I tried my best to stop him and even told him about our clan's secrets some thing I highly regret and what those eyes were capable of, though he still wouldn't listen and carried on with the operation. I deeply apologize for what I'm about to tell you next, you see your father was a highly skilled surgeon regarded as a genius among his colleagues but couldn't participate in the operation due to his attachment to you so he decided to observe the operation. Before I carry on let me show you the 5 unique techniques only you can carry out." The Mangekyou sharingan a supernatural eye technique that allows the user to 1 Predict an opponents moves and copy their moves/attacks. 2 Trap someone in their subconscious while controlling their five senses of pain, sound, smell, sight and touch. 3 The sharingan truly shines with its ability to trap someone for 3 days in a virtual world while only 3 seconds pass in reality. ...read more.


Same thing almost happened to me when I took away the lives of my uncle and many others. Will I be punished, have I just condemned myself to an eternity of suffering. No the deed is done but will I be forced to face my actions. How will I respond when he, the all mighty questions me. No I won't live in fear I won't live with regrets so when the time comes I too shall accept what destiny has in store for me. After all this I became so confused constantly turning around watching the world at awe. For once in so many years the world appeared honest no longer engaged in the art of deceit. I arrived at the destination. The grave of my parents was all I could relate to I remembered cries from the past, listening carefully to my mother reassuring me everything will be ok. My body stood still but my soul was crying. I couldn't, it wasn't possible I am no longer physically capable to express emotion. You see... We are taught never to shed tears, for to shed tears means that the body has been defeated by emotion, and to us that simple act of crying only proves without question that the existence of emotion is nothing but a burden. Thank you for listening to my tale and though my name can't be revealed I assure you, that there is more to the world than what you think. I am everywhere you cannot escape, I could be your best friend, you nemesis, you father even. I could be anywhere or anyone so the next time you hear a sound do not hesitate and know that I am only visible to those whose time has arrived. For as God himself said when the time comes you cannot wait a single second or die a minute earlier. We are all encased in this trap, destiny, fate have you ever wondered if all the decisions you made were all planned. Good bye... My friend. . ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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