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Assessment of Blood Brothers.

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when we first was told about the play I did not know what it was about, I had heard of it before but I had never seen or read any of the play. Then we were told the basic story of the play and the playwright's history: * The play was set in the early 1970 * It was written by the playwright Billy Russell * There have been two different versions of the play scripts that have been written by Billy Russell, one being the original and the other being a modern musical version. * The story is based on two different types of people in different types of classes and how children cannot see the differences. * The play is based in Liverpool and at this time (1970's) there was a mixture of the wealthy and working class people. * Billy Russell has based the play on his upbringing as he was brought up in a working class family in Liverpool * The story is basically about a working class woman who works for a wealthy woman, the working class woman has 7 children and she finds out she is pregnant again with twins and her husband has just left her so the wealthy woman persuades the working class woman to give her one of the twins. The two twins meet at various points in there life's, they meet as young children and become friends when young adults, when they find out that they are twins they both die because the wealthy women kills them both. ...read more.


She wants her and her family to lead a good life and find wealth my characters function throughout the play is to give birth to the twins and tell the twins that they are brothers. The fact that Mrs Johnston's husband left her and she does not make that much money as she has no job and she is starting a new makes the character stronger and in this scene Mrs Johnston tell the audience this. The other scene that me and my grouped developed is the final scene in the play this is about Mickey (one of the twins) going round to see Eddie (the other twin) they still do not know if they are brothers. Mickey thinks that Eddie is having an affair with his wife Linda. This is the final scene this was from the original script and was the scene when the twins (Eddie and Mickey) both find out they are both brothers and this is also the scene when they both get killed by Mrs Lyons. In this scene there are 5 people involved Mrs Lyons, Mrs Johnston, Eddie, Mickey and the narrator. We looked at the scrip of this scene and read it between us. Even tough there is 5 people involved in this scene there was only 3 people in my group so we had to split characters and lines so that we could include all the characters. As we read the script we took important lines and highlighted them, we had to make sure all these lines were in the performance. ...read more.


The play was set in the early 1970 an example of an extract taken from the scrip is this 'Then of course I found that I was six weeks overdue We got married at the registry and then we had a do We all had curly salmon sandwiches and how the ale did flow; They said the bride was lovelier than Marilyn Monroe And we went dancing' Marilyn Monroe was very big in the 1970's and it was also very looked down on if you had a child out of wed lock at this time. I enjoyed developing from this play as I have very strong views about the stereotypical view of people who have wealth. I believe that I began to understand more about the play now that I have preformed the different scenes and developed them with my own ideas. I believe that Billy Russell is a very talented writer and I would be interested in using or watching another one of his play as I believe that he writes most of it from experience and that it has a strong belief in all of the historical contexts his plays are about. I have learnt a lot about new drama techniques and how to use them together I believe that blood brothers was a very good play to use on paper 1 unit 2 as there was a lot to develop from the script and there was a lot to come out in between the lines! W did these brainstorms so that we could understand Mrs Lyons more as she was a completed character. Page 1 of 10 Katie Eames 11AS ...read more.

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