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ASSIGNMENT OF OTHELLO In Act ? scene iii, Iago convinces Othello in the space of the one scene that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Do you think that Shakespeare manages to make it realistic? During this lengthy, Shakespeare make the scene very realistic, I will start my draft look at Iago's lie and luck. Iago's l luck it very realistic, and everything happens at exactly the right time. Iago use language very wisely and use lots of example to let Othello believe that Cassio make love with Desdemona. Iago is luck because of Emilia stealing the handkerchief. This is lucky because Desdemona lost her handkerchief by accident and Emilia steals it, this can let Othello trust that Desdemona have something with Cassio. Another lucky thing is that Othello seen that cassio leave very soon when cassio seen him. This does not make sense to Othello if he comes back alone, but the point is he comes back with Iago, and Iago say:" Hah? I like not that." Then Othello become surprised and ask Iago:" what do you say?" then Iago feint and say:" Cassio my lord? No sure, I cannot think it that he would steal away so guilty-like, seeing your coming." This make Othello suspicion. Shakespeare uses language to make the scene realistic. ...read more.


And another proof of Iago is that Othello think Desdemona not so good for him is because he is a black man, and he doesn't do much good for her. Iago use language very skillfully to persuade Othello that Desdemona's adultery is not in doubt, he merely has provide the proof, which he will do very soon. Iago plays on Othello's sense of insecurity as an outsider who is unfamiliar with Venetian customs and Venetian women. This suggests that all Venetian women commit adultery, and Othello should have expected this. Knowing this insecurity to be a major weakness in Othello, Iago makes his suggestion seem more believable by reminding Othello how Desdemona "did deceive her father, marrying you." This implies that if she can betray a loves one once, she can do it again. Iago threatens Othello's reputation. He compares his own" who steals my purse steals trash, "tis something, nothing:" with the "good name" of Othello. By the end of this conversation, Othello is in no doubt that" this honest creature (doubtless) sees, and knows more, much more than he unfolds." Othello is not gullible; he makes lots of baffle in Iago's lie. This is because Iago use very little actual proof, but allows the working of the human mind to make associations and judgments on our fellow human being. ...read more.


Iago uses animal imagery to describe Desdemona and cassio's lovemaking to Othello. As he say:" were they as prime as goats as hot as monkeys, as salt as wolves in pride, and fools as gross as ignorance." This contrasts sharply with what we know to be a tender loving relationship between Othello and his wife. He then goes on to tell an outright lie to Othello. Iago claims to have heard cassio talking in his sleep about "sweet Desdemona," and describes an adulterous encounter. His fatal blow is the mention of the handkerchief. This is important because it is Othello give to his wife as a gift, but if he seen someone else uses it, he will become very angry. He claims to have seen cassio "wipe his beard" with it, which would be a major insult to Othello. Othello and Iago now seem to change places. Othello asks his ensign to kill cassio, and swears to kill Desdemona. Othello even adopts the same type of language as Iago, calling Desdemona a "lewd minx" and a "fair devil". Othello's passionate nature now dominates Iago's careful plotting, and he will not be swayed from his course. The final irony comes in the last two lines as Iago seems to have realized his purpose; "now art thou my lieutenant" and pledges to Othello "I am your own for ever." Huiyu sun 10TG 1 ...read more.

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