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Assisted suicide is a valid response to human suffering. Discuss.

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1. Assisted suicide is a valid response to human suffering. Imagine yourself being unable to walk, unable to see, and can barely breathe let alone speak. You are in such unbearable pain that you can?t even cry. Your life was well lived all those years before but now, there is no way that you could function without assistance. You think and feel as if your life has no meaning and you begin to think, could ending your life be the answer to the pain? Well in all reality this isn?t something anyone needs to imagine. This is a real situation for many, many people. These people should be able to make their own choices and have control of their own lives and the way they die. Before I can begin to discuss the statement there are issues that need to be illustrated; that there are no black and white answers. ...read more.


I believe that euthanasia is a better choice than suffering when the patient will die regardless. In some case like terminal cancer when the patient and people related would be in a lot of pain, it is in fact more humane to grant the person their wish to die a dignified death. Some people may say that if euthanasia is legalised it could change society and the morals of our country if it starts to become the normal thing to do instead of as a last resort, but there is no reason why euthanasia cannot be thoroughly controlled by a proper regulation. For example, there should be a deeper investigation into the matter so it isn?t just a family decision and to avoid vulnerable patients being pressurised into dying. Hence, euthanasia could easily be made legal in our country without complications just as it is in Switzerland and the Netherlands. ...read more.


The debate over euthanasia may be one that is never fully resolved to meet everybody's beliefs and viewpoints because it is so controversial. However, I continue to feel that passive euthanasia is a procedure that is ethical. Millions hope to die a natural death, and passive euthanasia provides terminally ill patients with that opportunity. It seems inhumane to force a terminally ill patient to suffer in pain and through medical procedures or to keep alive someone who cannot even eat on his own. The option of passive euthanasia in no way forces individuals to choose that path - it is the patient's willing choice, and they have the freedom to make that choice. Unless passive euthanasia suddenly does not require the permission of the patient, it will continue to be an ethical option for death. Just try to picture yourself as Terri Schindler, a terminally ill patient suffering through life in pain, what choice would you make? ...read more.

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