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Asylum Seekers Play

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For the past four weeks we have worked on our coursework 'Asylum Seekers' and how they obtained illegal access into 'England'. We will be performing various acts and a monolog in the first scene and following on with flash backs and freeze-frames. We will be looking at the harsh realities of the Afghanistan government (Taliban) there radical views and extremists laws, which oppress the people of Afghanistan. In this case we will be following the journey of Afghanistan's asylum seekers who want asylum in England but through discreet and illegal means. Asylum Seekers Scene 1. Amjad walks onto set stage with a chair at the front of the stage Amjad sits on the chair. Amjad: "I can't believe this has happened again, I don't even know if my brother is dead or alive how could it go all so wrong?" Amjad walks off stage. Enters Amjad (speaker), Imran (speaker), Ibrahim (executioner), Ali (executed), Rachel (executed wife), walks onto stage with chair as execution stand. Amjad: "GOOD MORNING AFGHANISTAN! Today we will be looking at an example to all our people" Imran: " For cutting his beard off! ...read more.


Would you of said anything if I didn't notice?" Ali: "My friend my brother you will accept 5 Kallabla" Ibrahim: "This a needle those are tyres this van isn't going no where with out my 10 Kallabla" Ali: "Ok ok 10 Kallabla this was just a little joke yes a joke" Ibrahim: "Ok whatever like I said in the van" Amjad, Ali, Imran get into the van Ibrahim gets in the van also the stage is set for a journey on the road Amjad, Imran, Ali: "WERE GOING TO ENGLAND RUGBYS COMING HOME IT'S COMIGN HOME........." Ibrahim looks in disgust Ibrahim: "IT'S FOOTBALL YOU IDIOTS FOOTBALLS COMING HOME U IDIOTS!" Amjad, Ali, Imran: " OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH" Hours drift by with a unusal silence Amjad: "Are we there yet?" Ibrahim: "no" Amjad: "Are we there yet?" Ibrahim: "no" Amjad: "Are we there yet?" Ibrahim: "NO JUST SHUT UP!" Amjad: "Alright alright keep your beard on" The van errupts with laughter expect Ibrahim silence once again takes over the van until...... Amjad breaks wind. Ali: "Why now of all times why now did u know what was on my mind? ...read more.


Amjad(brother 1), Ali(brother 2), Bruce(IM, imagration police), Imran(friend), Rachel(another suspect being processed) the stage is set out as an office.Bruce prepares to address the room. Bruce: "Ok you all know why your here let me guess no one has papers? correct me if i'm worng? no no one with papers? not even fake ones? ok good at least your not lying to me yet" Rachel tugs Ali's jumper Rachel: "England is nice so far" Ali: "yeah i know very friendly but not as friendly as i heard at home they say british women is like a toy for man pleasure very easy but i yet to see that" Imran: "Oh my god forget it you 2 idiots continue with your talk infact No WERE NOT IN ENGLAND" Ali,Rachel: "EHH?" Bruce: "Silence no one speak when i'm speaking ok i see no point you people are obviously not from here and you certainly did not enter the country by leagal means so you will be sent to the refugee camps were you will have to wait for your application to go threw that reminds me you have no filled your applications yet, here you go don't make no noise while you people fill the application in" ...read more.

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